Monthly Archives: April 2006

Big Announcement on Monday…

But meanwhile, I’ve been out at noon since, oh… I don’t know, but it has been a while. Picked up something, then met people and had discussions on the Explomaths thing. Quite a few problems to be worked out but I think there’s still hope. So after all that is said and done, I allowed myself to be kinda normal again and drove around and check out some stuff I’m thinking of getting in the near future.

If you’ve been paying attention, I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Nokia N80 for quite a while now, and only on Friday I’ve learned of it’s availability in Brunei. So I scoped that one out first. Heading to Incomm for the price of BND1128 sans memory card upgrade and Bluetooth. Quite reasonable if you bundle that with a 5% discount you’d get if you purchase it with those BND20 Easi prepaid cards. Another option was a BND1198 set at QQ Mobile Shop, complete with an included Bluetooth headset, and BND1256 with the headset and a 512MB TransFlash (MiniSD) upgrade. I’ll wait if they lower the price and bundle this headset instead of some lame one earpiece Bluetooth headset that’s lying unsold at the shop. I might have a check at DeeJay and Hua Ho to make the final decision.

Another equipment I’m looking forward to getting was a Nikon D70s with SpeedLite Flash attachment. Had my eyes on that baby for so long, but it was weird seeing there was a bump in price for the main Camera body and Lens. For the bundle of Camera body, Lens and Flash, it was around BND2600, so it’s making it kinda iffy at the moment. We’ll see if there’s a price decrease or if someone can get it for me from Singapore. (Link to D70, but it’s quite similar.)

The last thing I was scoping out was the price of a Peugeot 406 HDi Diesel Car. Well, at first, I was scoping out the 307 CC just announced in Brunei, but that was like 60k, and for that price, I’d rather get a VW Golf GTi, which I don’t think I’ll be getting either. The surprise deal was the 406 HDi was rather cheap (relatively) after a drastic discount from the sticker price from last time we checked. A drop in 12k results in a Diesel Corolla-ish price of 39k, and for that 39k price, a Pug 406 is looking far more attractive than a Toyota Corolla. And the fact that it’s the central car for the French Taxi movies, a white 406 might evoke Taxi-ish envy. And the 5 Year Free Maintenance and the pants wetting fuel economy couldn’t hurt either. Imagine a return trip to KK for BND20? Yum.

Sorry about that…

My long hiatus was due to:

  • Doing this project for Explomaths
  • Shopping around for jobs
  • My internet connection has been quite shite lately
  • Tired after doing aikido/rugby/street soccer
  • Chatting

I apologize for the lack of posts. This might go on until May, even June, by which I hope to have finished this damn project.