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What music drives you?

Some may have noticed the section on the left side where I list out artists and number of plays? It’s all powered by website. It’s like magic really… Well, not really. It just uploads track information (via a plugin of a media player of your choice) of the songs you are listening to and collates it into an online database where everyone can take a gander of your listening habits. I set it to display weekly the artists I’m listening to. Here’s an example of the music I’ve been listening to this week.

What could I possible listening to 300+ times? Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra that’s what. I found an almost complete discography of their works, with just a few missing albums. You can check out my Profile and check out the snippets of songs they have by clicking on their name. Check out Sesame Street if you can. If you like how it sounds, I recommend you should find a way to obtain some of their albums.

So, why do this? I’m not sure myself. Maybe to show others what kinda music you listen to? And find like minded people? And then get listening suggestions from others with the same taste of you. That’s how I’m slowly finding my way through the Ska music scene. And I’m just a number freak. I’d like to know how many times I listen to which artist or what not. And looking at the number of tracks played always makes you wonder how long you waste your time in front of the PC. Anyway check it out, and have a blast. Just be sure your ID3 tags for all your MP3s are proper, else it’d mess up and you won’t get any links to anyother properly named and tagged MP3s from others.

So I walked into an Apple reseller the other day…

And boy, was I tempted. They had the new model Macs in with the Intel Duo Core processors, and boy were they singing their siren songs. Had a try with Photoshop CS2 on the iMac, and I came away impressed. Manipulating large images was a breeze. Even the Nano surprised me with its thinness. I just didn’t expect it was thin enough to put into my wallet. They even had loads of iPod with videos in and the new, albeit less than impressive, iPod Hi Fi in. If they came out with the iPods on my previous post, I might buy one of those VideoPods.

I see myself utilizing computers as a utility, and not an object of lust, so seeing the marked improvements of the iMac, my cold heart at least thaws a bit. I wasn’t that impressed with the MacBook Pro though. Even though it was less than an inch thick when it was closed, but there wasn’t substantial and noticable speed gains from my PC even. Well maybe that was just me, or maybe I couldn’t find where the hell they installed Photoshop CS2.

But ya know what I need right now? Some DS Lite lovin’… I want one of those…

If this is real, I’d buy it.

Man, if these are real photos of a real product, then hell, I’ll lift my self imposed ban on any Apple products. I won’t be happy about it, but yeah, I’d silently wallow in self loathe.

Image quality greatly reduced, find the originals here :

You know what truly bugs me right now?

Not having a predefined routine to go through every morning. Yes, I have my Aikido classes and Touch Rugby matches, but those are afternoon activities. My mornings usually consist of… Well, actually nothing. I’d be too wasted from my all night surfing that by 7 or 8 am, I’d be preparing to go to sleep. Yes. I’ve turned into somewhat of a vampire bat.

It hasn’t occured to me until just recently, that I like having a routine to go through. Like, watching Simpsons everyday, and then catching Friends on tv a bit later. That sense of needing to belong somewhere at that specific time keeps one moving. Even if school was such a drab, at least the routine of seeing my friends meant that it was somewhat enjoyable. I didn’t realize it at first, but the reason I sign up for Aikido and Touch is that they have specific time and days of the week that requires my presence there.

I don’t know if this is due to my needing to have a sense of belonging, but I’m not ready to delve into the Psychological ramblings at this time of the day. Even then, I really don’t have a need to belong to a specific group of people really. Even during Aikido and Rugby, I’d rather keep to myself. So that’s how I deduced that I only need a routine, even flimsy as it may sound, but it gets me through the week.

I vaguely remember how I felt at MS, my old high school. Going through a routine might be good for me, but there’s always drab moments during those routines. Like Maths, where I always spend my time sleeping at the back of the class, never handing a piece of work in. But I digress. But there’s that element of a routine that gets me through week by week. Even if it means I zone out most of the time.

So what’s the point of my rambling exactly? I don’t know. Not having a job means these things kinda nags at your noggin’ at 4 am in the morning ya know. But hey, at least I have a project to finish by this April 1st.

Hmm… Ya know… I might have a need for deadlines as well…