Monthly Archives: December 2005


What were we doing until 4am on a cold rainy night?

The poker chips just arrived, so what better way to celebrate its arrival than playing poker continuously until 4am? Can’t wait to have another go again.

Nokia N80, the best phone ever?

So, school’s over…

And I have absolutely no idea what to be doing for my life right now. I know I wanna start a company, that’s for sure, but I just don’t know how to work this shit out yet. I know I can moonlight, doing normal government job during the day, and run a web development company at night, but I just don’t know about the rest of my teammates. There’s plenty of upcoming jobs at the moment, and each one needs my attention, but those are like one time, cash on delivery type of jobs. I can’t foresee me living the rest of my life like that. For sure I want to have a stable government job with a retirement fund, but I can’t see myself starting that kinda job at the moment. I just wanna see at this junction of my life if I can start this company and run it on its own.

Ok, I think I’ll start off with the search engine project, and complete the whole thing in time for the BICTA awards, meaning a complete analysis of the system according to a proper methodology, while working out shit like who should own that piece of software (ITB, who could just keep it for themselves or sell it off, or we can keep it and run it and get money off of that), which could take a month or so.

Then, doing the Explomath junt, which I don’t know yet. While that’s on the table, I’ll be doing a couple of websites to expand my portfolio, maybe even talk the Aikido people into making them a website.

During the course of that, we will also be doing a rather large project that could end up establishing the company itself. Then we could branch out to other stuff, like video publishing, advertising, hosting, that sorta stuff.

All in all, we’ll see how everything goes. Now to type up a proper CV, for me to apply for a part time job, replying to this job posting I found on Borneo Bulletin just now. We’ll see how that goes as well.


It was last, last Friday, and was sitting around after Amar’s… uh… “Getting a job” celebrations, when a friend told about the upcoming Aikido demonstration that was going on later that night at the Stadium.

Had to look for the exact place, which, admittedly was pretty hard to describe really, unless I can just stand there and point it out for ya. It was a good thirty minutes of waiting at the Indoor stadium before I got the idea to surf for “Brunei Aikido Demonstration” on my GPRS phone, and had the news story posted on Brudirect appear, along with the committee member’s phone number in it. Called him, and still didn’t get the right place, so by the time I found the place, I was like a good one hour late.

Sat there, along with GodZul, and the friends that made the plans to join up and wanna see the whole thing didn’t even show up. It was cool though, as the Grand Master that flew in from Malaysia was flipping people over and stuff, locking their hands in awkward and painful positions. Thought about signing up then, but had to wait for my allowance to come out, so had to register on Monday, the day practice was supposed to start. Picked up a size 4 martial arts costume, but that was too damned small for practice, so had to exchange it for a size 5 on the day of second practice which was on last Friday.

Had fun at the training though. Tiring, but fun. Interlocking hands. Getting hands interlocked. Tossing people about and stuff. Getting tossed around. Ya know, that’s the deal at these Aikido trainings. But I just can’t seem to remember the name of the moves that should be said out loud before performing the move though. But I shall study it proper in time… In time…

Such a graceful art, Aikido, and I think I’m gonna put in extra effort to study the art and probably keep a journal to write down the moves. Now… to learn Japanese…