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For the guy who wanted this.

SuSE 10.0 is looking mighty fine.

This review of SuSE 10.0 after Novell decided to release the code to the public is hailed as an important milestone in the most polished and easy to use Linux distro. Forget your Ubuntu, Mandrake, Fedora Core or whatever they try to push as the easiest and best Windows Replacement distro. Nothing beats SuSE in my opinion. With one foot in Novell’s camp, and one foot in the Open Source community, you have the best in both worlds with 10.0.

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Final Fantasy XII Screens.

Coming to the PS2, and every single shot looks awesome. Apparently it shows more detail in character model and texture, it’s how I wish Vagrant Stroy would’ve looked like updated for the PS2. The screens are here: More here:

I’d definitely want one.

But not on my main gaming rig of course. For that unassuming file server that sits in the middle of my room looking all smug and stuff and be the perfect conversational piece.

I just wonder how it stands heat though.

Jack Thompson under investigation!

Woohoo! It’s about time someone does something about the crazy loon. Link here.

sup /b/

Just a site announcement. Click on the Alternate Layout link to the side to get another layout. Sin City inspired of course. Oh leave a comment about it k? K.

Oh my god. The funny.

“Bawa makanan tarus… well be having a party tarus… hehehehe!!”

Somehow I’m hating him more and more. But no surprise there.

Followup. Nokia E Series.

Um… I jumped the gun a bit. The Nokia E61 doesn’t have a camera. So… Between WLAN and 2.0 Megapixel Camera… I’ll choose camera, kthx.

Oh yeah, I bought the watch already, and I chose the black one. Looks hot. But being the OCD that I am, I’m wiping it every chance I get.

I sleep, and Apple and Nokia releases products!

First off, Apple, released their new lineup of thinner iMac G5s, thinner iPods with video, thinner (…) iTunes… and the new-ish Apple Frontrow + Apple Remote. Yeah kinda cool, but everythings kinda predictable.

And yeah. The iMac has an iSight built in.

Now onto the sexy part of this post. Nokia released their line up of E Series phone (akin to N Series phones, but now it’s targeted towards business users.) All of these feature Wi-Fi (oh yes… verily yes…) and 3G.

The Nokia E60 is focused on voice, the Nokia E70 is focused on messaging, and the Nokia E61 is focused on mobile e-mail. Oh so very yes. Motorola Q, eat your hearts out. You failed for your silly oversized thumb board desgin. This. This. Is hot.

Verdict? Oh so very yes. In fact, now I’m thinking of getting this instead of the Nokia 6280.

InfoSyncWorld :

Press release:
Pretty, pretty pictures:,8764,73819,00.html

Ok. I’m seriously thinking of getting a watch.

And here’s my top three choices, which is just differences in colors.


These are from the Active Dial collection. What do you think? Here’s more from the Edifice range. Some might want me to go with a G-Shock or one of those new Cockpit Series (which are totally hot) but they’re just too big for my wrist. It felt weird me putting em on. If I feel really compulsive enough, I might buy them by this week. Whaddaya think?