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Oh dear my. T-Mobile MDA Pro aka MDA IV.


Damn, just when I was already content on getting a Nokia 6280.

6280 = €375 without plan.
MDA Pro = €430 with plan.

Do the math.

You’ll hear it here first!

Wireless USB is getting ratified at this moment as I type this. While still a long ways off to a final product offering, the possibility of data transfer rates reaching USB2.0 standards via Ultra Wide Band without nary a copper connection in sight is giddying to say the least.

Just today, a company is thinking of making the whole connection process occur without any user intervention (no passcodes, no keypress, nada) which seems silly at best.

That’s what got me to think on how to get the whole thing to work. With the whole Windows Vista coming in 2006, they’d still have time to implement this idea and steal implement it as they see fit.

I’d still want a confirmation dialog box once in a while, as I may not want to be connected to that printer or that removable disk, so this balloon notifier should do the trick. Which, I need to regedit my registry to not suppress these balloons, but I digress.

To keep the whole transfer secure, there should be some MD5 or some other checksum checker that hand shakes the device and the computer initially, and when it’s done, it should be transferring the data over said encryoted frequency. Or something. I don’t know, but I feel each device should only be accessed to one authorized PC and can’t be sniffed by others. The same issue was brought up with Wi Fi as people move away from Cat 5 cables, so why shouldn’t it be brought up here?

That’s one thought-nagging thing out of the way. Any ideas on how they should really implement this?

Brushed Gun Metal LED Watch

LEDs are teh sexay!

That… is… awesome… I’m in the market for a watch now, and man… This is seriously tickling my fancy. It’s so retro, it’s bleeding edge cool.

Product Page.

Ever felt burnt out?

I just had one recently, and man, that was some nasty shit. Imagine, I couldn’t bring myself to sit down and read up on latest entries because I was dead tired? Yeah, it happened, and I wasn’t too proud of that. Why am I too tired you ask? Let’s go back one month into the past.


Two assignments needed to be done urgently, while two sits on the back burner. One is using Oracle, interfaced with Microsoft Access, with an obscenely crazy number of tables (59 at last count), and another one, is a very over ambitious plan to use videos to do a virtual tour using Macromedia Authorware. What’s that you ask? For the first half of the month, I asked the same question. It was a bugger of a program, using flowcharts as it’s navigational design structure. I admit it does sound easy, but when you plunk down and try to create a full on multimedia piece that comprises of 720 x 486 videos that needed to be edited into bits (think virtual sex games, and you see the copious amounts of editing there), Flash animation, Photoshop image slices, settings that you can’t copy over willy nilly (meaning each element you have to edit the parameters individually. Tedious…), team members I don’t want to burden, while doing a parallel work using Flash to animate a couple of pictures AND two A3 sized Posters using Photoshop.

I’m… Lost…

This, and the fact that I needed to edit a couple of videos together for the new students’ orientation, of which I was the official photographer which needed to be on call for a whole week, and a company that wants their Flash based website to be done “As Soon As Possible” that is too stingy to shell out dough for me to develop the site using their own server (read: this site is strangely PHP allergic) you’d understand why I’m burnt out. And remember, the past month was supposed to be semester break.

Ok let’s fast forward to last Thursday, 28th of July. Done with the whole orientation thing, and was gonna clamp down and finish everything. As Friday is the day people are off work, so at that junction, we can only see ourselves doing the Oracle shits on Saturday, which was the day we were supposed to hand in the Multimedia presentation. Turns out, we can get an extension for that and the lecturer smugly said he intentionally made it so so that people who wants to ask for an extension can do so.

I mean. Wtf. Why? Would? You? Do? That? Moron?

I mean there’s no need to get people panicky to do finishing touches on the Multimedia thing while worrying too much not being able to do a single shit on the Oracle database, is there? Thank god the person holding the key to the Oracle lab was good of heart and opened the oracle lab on Friday and Sunday so we can finish off the Oracle stuff. We need to get her something for all her trouble…

Sunday, D-Day. Need to hand in the work by 8 on Monday morning. Fandi came by at 9, we got to working on finishing up all documentation, while I work to tweak the Multimedia Virtual Tour piece and slideshow piece to work perfectly, while also working on the 2 Photoshops. By 6.30am, we finished everything, even slapping together a shitty PS for the poster bit, and now we just have to bind everything. Can’t trust the schools binding place to open by the time we came, so I had to trust my dad to bind it in his office for me. Screwed that up real good, by 7.54am he just finished everything, drove as fast as I could on an empty tank (the car, my brain, and my stomach) got to outside the school compound by 8 am, and the traffic jam made me almost cry. So I just kept my cool. Slapped the CDs in to the two documentations (messed that up) while thinking “If my car runs out of gas here, I’ll run to the school.” which was a good 2 kms away. Anyway got to the school at 8.15am. Fandi already waiting to hand in the two assignments, almost didn’t get accepted (WTF THERE WAS A TRAFFIC JAM BITCH!!! ARGH MORON!!!) while the Oracle one was not as picky for the hand in time. Then I realized I forgot the CD that had my Photoshops, Arr… Had to re burn the thing again, and wanted to hand it in then, but he was out. I mean wtf. Why are you stepping out when there’s assignments needed to be handed in?!?! I texted him wanting to explain, and he told me he wants a letter instead where I explain the whole situation.

Oh shit. I knew I couldn’t just slide it under his door, coz I already promised I won’t hand in the CD late as per my agreement during my extension begging session, but what could I do? So I just held onto the CD, go have a drink, wrote the letter, and handed it to him in the afternoon when he was in. He’s not gonna accept it any other way, so I figured why the hell… I’ll just hold on to the PS cds while I write a letter, and try to explain the situation (traffic jam, forgotten CDs, been up 24 hours straight, the binding debacle) so I just hope, nay, pray that he’d accept it.

If not I can just talk to the Head of Department and he may have some heart. Hell, he saw me doing lots of work during the orientation, and if that doesn’t account for anything, I don’t know what will.

I want lots of these…

Now? I’m gaining on lost sleep. Rewarded myself with a cool pair of aviator glasses, spend time with a couple of ladies, and generally relax. I helluva fuckin’ deserve it.

Oh aviator glasses = gets you noticed more. Either it looks real silly, or it looks helluva cool. I vote for coolness.