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Coined the term ‘weblog,’ never made a dime.

A very harrowing read of an Internet legend out on the streets. Read here.


Photoshop Context Menu

And I can’t stress that enough. This is coming out of Russia so the site is totally unintelligible. But whether this is real or not, it’s still a great idea to be explored. Imagine your keyboard changing it’s keys according to what application you are using it in. Boot up Photoshop, the keys change according to the corresponding tools each key represents. In Quake no more switching to the wrong gun. Typing in Jawi or any other non-latin keyboard scheme won’t be such a pain no more.

It achieves this by having OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) which is basically like a low power LCD but much more efficient and vibrant. OLEDs are used now in most Sony digital audio players and particularly the m:robe digital audio player. Imagine the possibilities. Popular applications get to have native support out of the box, but other lesser known applications might have them patched by the end user themselves. I for one, will carry this around where ever I might plonk down and get me some Photoshoppin’ time.

But what bothers me is that in the link; there’s a /portfolio/ directory which leads me to believe that this might be just an engineering student’s assignment to come up with a better way to make an input device. Or something. But here’s hoping the Moskovitz patent this thing and ship it to our little grubby hands.

My copy of Photoshop and Unreal Tournament awaits. And also Vegas Video Studio. And Flash. And Opera. And w.bloggar. iTunes too, can’t forget that.


Supreme Commander for the PC…

Will be the best RTS game ever made. Bar none!

Rather lofty claim you say? Not when you can control not just squads of armies, nay, not even battalions… This game is aiming to let you control a helluva lot more.

The more recent RTS games like Generals or Warcraft 3 tend to get on my nerves. Why? You can’t zoom out far enough. You can’t see even a quarter of your units on screen at once. I feel the field of view is too limited, and what the hell is up with presenting the map in 3/4 perspective anyway? And you have to micro manage all your troops which detracts from any mission that I might be on at the moment. Mounting an offensive over a mountain range is hard enough, but having to order a repair unit fix this and that is just irritating.

That’s why I liked, nay, loved, Total Annihilation. You can see the lot of your units on screen at once, it’s overhead (thank god) and the best invention that no other game can replicate flawlessly, waypointing. I could just get a couple of repair drones guard my base or anything of value.

Small = tank sized

And that’s why the recent announcement of a spiritual sequel to Total Annihilation called Supreme Commander has got me giddy all over again. And let me tell ya, this game will make you go nuts. Imagine, zooming in on a tank, with all the details and such, truddling merrily along, when it gets crushed by a massive spider leg from above, the footprint of which was the size of the tank, tread to tread. Surprising wouldn’t it? Then you zoom out to take in the beast, it’s this massive spider like thing that’s firing freakin’ lasers and such, the size of 20 tanks put together.

Then suddenly a shell the size of a car lands on it and boom. Suprised again? That would be a ship mounted gun just sitting pretty just off shore. You zoom out again. It’s not just one massive ship, it’s a formation of cruisers and destroyers and carriers out to ruin your day. Then in one fell swoop, a white blinding light covers the entire screen. You zoom out. Again. And again. And then you can see the map of the continent, puffing a white mushroom cloud, taking out the quarter of the screen real estate.

Massive? You effin’ bet!

In this game, you can micro manage if you want to, but you’d be dealing too much with strategy and tactics to be playing with kiddie micro management a la Generals. And that’s why it’s named Supreme Commander. You better check out the GameSpy article on Supreme Commander and take in the beauty in it’s entirety. I’m in love again.

Sony Ericsson K600i! New Hotness!

Sony Ericsson K600i

I saw this at Hua Ho Kiulap and got stuck in my tracks. I love the solid feel to it, the gorgeous screen and the impressive menu animations. Check it out now at Hua Ho Kiulap. Gush on it. Drool. Do anything not illegal.

Adobe Photoshop throughout the years.

It’s like watching back baby pictures of a good friend. You go… awwwww… Found via The Unofficial Photoshop Weblog.

Scissor Sisters Logo

Ask me for the PSD! Not too clean though. Oh what the hell.


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