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Axentra Net-box… SEXINESS UNITE!

This is definitely what I need. A storage solution that’s built right into a router, a wireless one at that, and allows me to access content from where ever in the house. Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, future OS choices won’t be too much of a headache now. Imagine this. Work downstairs in front of the telly, experimenting with Linux on a nother box and still accessing the net through it, then transmitting new mp3’s into the Mac Mini which is installed in the car boot.

I know. Crazy. Sexy, but crazy.


Net-Box™ removes the complexities and cost barriers associated with home networking.

With Net-Box™, you can:

  • Set up your home network in just a few minutes with Net-Box™’s wizard driven setup
  • Easily manage your entire home network from one integrated web-based toolbox
  • Network all your computers together (Net-Box™ is Windows, Mac and Linux compatible)
  • Expand your network with built-in wireless (802.11g) access point features
  • Share your broadband connection among all your computers
  • Create and control your own email addresses
  • Keep hackers and spammers away from your network and your email
  • Host your website and publish your photos and videos to the world
  • Share your printers among all your computers
  • Backup and synchronize your desktop files with your Net-Box™
  • Access your files from anywhere from any platform
  • Enjoy a fully integrated web-based productivity suite featuring email, contacts, calendar, file management, file sharing, photo publishing, notes and more!
  • Use any IMAP email clients and LDAP PIM applications such as MS-Outlook, MS-Entourage, Netscape, Eudora Mail, or Mozilla to connect to your Net-Box™’s email and address book server

…and more!

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Hooo yeah… Kickin’ it with SuSE 9.2 Professional

With the download that was just finished a couple of days ago (which took oh so many days I can’t even remember when it started) I was eager to install it on this laptop. I knew it works on this baby coz I tried the 9.2 LiveCD and the one CD installable Personal CD, so you can see how excited I was with this. Installation was easy enough, but the Wi Fi was being a bitch. Fandi put his thinking cap on and figured out how to use Wi Fi with this thing, and et voila, we were both surfing on my wireless router yesterday, and I still am.

My review now that the Wireless is working? SuSE 9.2 Professional r0XX0rs my b0xx0rs!!! OMGPLUS4USUSE!!!!11!!1oneone

I’m not a total Mac basher…

ObjectBar with Panther 10.3 skin, wallpaper from some guy that had em up (had to resize it up to 1400×1050 from 1024×768), iTunes skinned with Multi Plugin to have the buttons where it’s supposed to be, and Font modification to how it looks like on the Mac.

Scary, no?

Shuffle your Mini!

Well Macworld came and went and… it was disappointing… iPod Shuffle? Mac Mini? I’m not a Mac fan (now that iPod has taken over the world.) but this is kinda disappointing to me.

Hey, maybe the Mini Mac would be good for my plans to put a computer in the car (my prerequisite for a car stereo system? Smart Playlists a la iTunes) but I’d just wait until it’s cheaper or some hacker designed a way to get some kind of control interface hard wired into the face plate of the Mini Mac. Not too keen on the iPod shuffle though. Cheap, yes, but there are cheaper ones here in the Asian market made by companies that aren’t loyal to the White Design Demon and have way more features than that thing.

But hey, I can see people eating up the thing and proclaim themselves as an iPod user now.


I’m talking about the phone on the previous post.

Edit : The price is BND$1360 which is around USD830.


I know it’s not a happy New Year, so what am I supposed to say?

Yeah, it was a bummer of an end of year. I totally respect the decision to halt all celebrations and I can live with that. So I ended up taking up on my ex boss’ offer to come over to his house and celebrate with the rest of my ex co workers. Had food, barbecueing some stuff, and ended up playing poker til 12, which I’ve won a mere $3, but with stakes as low as 5 cents, how can you win big eh?

Started to go home at around 2, driving around JP to see if anything’s up there, and then was looking around for traffic cops along the road from Empire hotel. But yeah, nothing. Didn’t even stop by at Empire for a friend’s invitation to sleep over there.

Yeap. Here’s To A New Year 2005.