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Some Nazi bastard…

…is trying to hack into my website… I kinda know my code is easily exploited but come on man, don’t do this shit… So I’m gonna take down the upload.html and show_files.php… It’s not like all o yas are using it anyway…

Maid Faces Charges For Poisoning Baby With Clorox

By Rol Ezam

Bandar Seri Begawan – An Indonesian maid who allegedly mixed bleach (Clorox) with rice porridge she gave a baby boy was remanded at the Central Police Station for a week for further investigations.

No plea was taken by the suspect when she was produced in court yesterday.

Maryatun Madisman, 34, was charged with attempting to voluntarily cause hurt by means of corrosive substance, putting bleach into the rice porridge when feeding a one-year and six months old baby three days ago at the house in Kampong Menengah, Temburong. She could be sentenced to imprisonment of up to 3 years and 6 months upon conviction.

The maid would appear in the Magistrate’s Court again on December 6 for further mention.

The prosecution is still waiting for results from DSS regarding substances found inside the porridge as well as a medical report of the victim besides waiting for caution statement to be recorded. — Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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I’m totally disappointed no one is bum rushing the Police Station and ass punching this bitch. Argh.

Man operates – on himself

An unemployed Bosnian performed kidney stone surgery on himself because he did not have any money to pay medical bills.

Emir Javoras, 29, from Javor, used a razor blade and needle to remove the stones, news agency Fena reported.

Javoras said: “I woke up in the middle of the night in terrible pain, but I couldn’t ask doctors to do anything about it because I am poor, have no money and no health insurance. I noticed my genitals had swollen and the pain was enormous.

“The stones had passed out of my kidney and had got stuck in my urinary tract. I cut the skin under my testicles and with the help of a sterilized needle I managed to dig out three stones.”

Doctors in the nearby town of Zenica said they were shocked someone had managed to perform such an operation by themselves, and cleaned and restitched the wound for free.

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Microsoft gets tough with XP pirates

Software giant offers to replace counterfeit CDs
Robert Jaques, 24 Nov 2004

Microsoft has moved to clamp down on software pirates in the UK after discovering what it describes as a large volume of high quality counterfeit versions of Windows XP.

Kicking off its Windows XP Counterfeit Project, the software giant has invited “anyone unsure as to the legitimacy of their Windows XP software” to submit their products for analysis.

Software that is found to be counterfeit will be replaced for free subject to the terms and conditions of its offer, Microsoft promised.

“This is a great opportunity for users to confirm the authenticity of Windows XP software whilst helping gather vital information about illegal traders,” said Alex Hilton, licence compliance manager at Microsoft.

“Illegal software is a risk to users as it is less dependable, less secure and unsupported. I would urge anyone who has suspicions to submit their Windows XP software for testing today.”

The XP Counterfeit Project marks the latest in a series of moves by Microsoft to target software pirates.

The scheme will allow it to collate intelligence quickly, according to the firm, and help it to “act decisively” against illegal traders and other systematic abusers.

David Frost, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce, said: “It is important that users ensure they are legally licensed to avoid the risks of purchasing and using counterfeit products.”

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Someone! Anyone! Help me score some free Windows XP Professional! Please!

A 14 year old boy is sentenced to 85 lashes for breaking his Ramadan fast !

A 14 year old boy died on Thursday, November 11th, after having received 85 lashes; according to the ruling of the Mullah judge of the public circuit court in the town of Sanandadj he was guilty of breaking his fast during the month of Ramadan.

The Kurdish site Rojeh´heh Lât reports that the young man´s identity has not been disclosed. He was scheduled for burial on Saturday, November 13th (after 3 days at the local morgue), in the cemetery of Beheshteh Mohammadi in Sanandadj. However due to the public´s realization of the events surrounding the boy´s circumstances the cemetery was stormed [in protest] and his burial did not take place.

According to informed sources, supervisors have instructed that the burial take place in the presence of his closest relatives, surveyed by security forces.

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SpongeBob Kidnappers Seek Ransom for Doll

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Have you seen this sponge? Police are looking for a a blow-up figure of SpongeBob SquarePants swiped from a Minnesota Burger King. They’ve found a ransom note which starts off: “We have SpongeBob.” It then demands, “Give us ten Crabby Patties, fries and milkshakes.”

The ransom note is signed by SpongeBob’s nemesis, Plankton. A postscript reads: “Patrick is next,” referring to the Bermuda shorts-wearing starfish that serves as SpongeBob’s sidekick.

At a southeastern Utah Burger King, vandals made off with a 10-foot-tall SpongeBob balloon.

Employees are handing out “Missing” fliers with a full description of the popular cartoon figure – featured in a new movie.

Source : here.


Google sued by nude photo website

A California-based pornographer says it is suing the world’s most popular search engine, Google, for easing illegal access to its website.

Perfect 10, which offers pictures of “the world’s most beautiful natural women”, says Google’s web search gives users free usernames and passwords.

It says Google also shows stolen Perfect 10 photos on other websites, enabling people to view without paying.

Google declined to comment, saying it had not seen the suit yet.

Harm to profits

“They’re showing pictures from my magazine and my website for free, so there’s no reason for anyone to buy my products,” Perfect 10 president Norm Zada told Reuters news agency.

He said he was suing Google for an unspecified amount of damages for violating copyright and harming his ability to make profits.

The company, which filed the suit at the federal court in Los Angeles, charges a monthly fee of $25.50 for access to its website.

Google searches throw up thumbnails of images owned by Perfect 10, which Mr Nada said are posted without permission.

He said his company had sent nearly 30 formal requests to Google, asking it to remove the photos and password lists from its search results, but was dissatisfied with the company’s response.

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Hahaha… Yeah… As if that’s gonna go well…

Why I’m not prostrating to the might of Firefox 1.0

Spread Firefox. The badge of honor most websites proudly wear to spread the idea that Firefox is much better by leaps and bounds than sliced bread. Not to disrespect to the open source community of developing such a project, in fact, I love it running on Knoppix or SuSE, but the amount of rear smooching (if it can be called that) is bordering on the ridinkulokulous. Yes, it is *that* ridiculous.

Ok, let’s get things out of the way first. One, I’m a supporter of Open Source and I am not a total M$ minion. In fact, I’d like to switch to total Open Source one day and run Linux on all my home computers. Two, I never had hate for Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox or any of the brandings that’s associated with the technology. Three, I’m quite amazed that a simple 5 MB download can dethrone IE6 with words sprawled across respected publications that denounces IE6’s constant vulnerability. And lastly, I’m not a jealous git.

With that out of the way, let’s delve in deeper why I’m not a great fan of Mozilla Firefox. Let’s try this article from a different angle. Just imagine I have installed Opera, and wanted to compare it with Firefox in terms of feature sets. I’ll try to be fair and weigh both in terms of features that both have, and maybe in the case of Mozilla, if possible, I’ll mention extensions as well.

One thing that strikes me the most is that, when you click on a link with the a href tag containing target=”_blank”, meaning opening into a window to non geeks out there, in Mozilla, it really does open into a new Window. Not into a tab, a new window. Um… Wasn’t the big selling point of Firefox, the tabbed browsing? If it’s not intuitive for the average user to use tabbed browsing, haven’t you failed the design of the whole program if you can’t even put forth tabbed browsing as the main feature? And if I remember correctly, on a fresh install, you don’t even see the tabs. [Correct me if I’m wrong.]

The huzzah surrounding Mozilla’s download manager, as if it’s some kind of new invention that for the first time integrates with a browser. Opera had done it before, and I’m sure others may have too. And nitpick this may seem, but I kind of liked to know the speed which the transfer had occured at, just like in Opera. And the thing that I liked about Opera’s download manager is that, just like in Windows, the whole set of menu that appears when you right click on the item, is the same as if you were right clicking in the folder the item was saved to. Apart from Opera’s own set of menu on top of the shell menu, I say it’s the same with Windows shell menu. So if you were right clicking on a zip file in Opera, it shows the appropriate context menu that’s associated with a zip file.

The bareness of Firefox makes it seem a tad simplistic, and while most will like that, I don’t. Hey, I love minimalistic approach too, but I’d like to know what’s going on. I like how Opera let’s me customize my menu how I want. Right now I have two progress bars for the percentage of Document loaded and how many bytes have been loaded. So on some sites that use heavy graphics, I can commence cursing at said sites if I find that it goes over 1 megabyte. I also put the speed it’s transferring at, so I can whine to my ISP with accuracy and the time it has taken loading. And of course the clock, I need that somehow.

And all this are native to Opera. It’s usually located at the botton, but with unparalled customizability, I can place it wherever I want. I ditched some icons I don’t need, I ditched the text labels, and now the screen real estate it takes up with four lines of information (Menu, Icons, Tabs and Adress bar) takes up as much real estate as Firefox’s.

My next nitpick is that you can’t rearrange the tabs. I mean come on. It’s called tabbed browsing for a reason and just offering tabs is not the most elegant solution. I find that in a normal surfing session, I can open up upto a dozen or so tabs and it’s jumbled up which pages go with which. For instance in tab two I open a new tab that opens up a new tab at location 8, and at tab 6 I open a new tab at location 9. Thank god I run at 1400 by 1050, for those poor souls running at 1024 by 768, you find that the tabs are too small to look at the text that you need to constantly open up to check what it is. In Opera, you can group together these tabs and clicking between close enough tabs is far more intuitive than dragging the mouse across the screen.

The last nitpick I can think of right now is that when you close the main Firefox window, the previous pages that you were reading is gone. This can be recitified with an extension, but it just proves that the software design be the main developers is not intuitive. In Opera, I can continue reading from where I left off last night, or from before the restart, so I don’t have to redig constantly or have to bookmark all the pages that interest me at that moment to be opened later. So you can see that it’s quite a time saver and you’d find your productivity will just get better.

That is all I can think of right now, but I’m sure I can find more stuff that’s not fitting for a browser announcing its enclosing grip on the Internets.

And just remember this. If IE6 was targeted by malicious coders for its popularity, don’t you think a project that’s supported by weekend coders that sometimes go out of their way to bicker about some trivial stuff at the expense of advancement and improvement and security for the public that’s getting more and more use by governments, corporations and normal users will be more of a bigger target than IE6? Thanks but no thanks. I’ll just stick to Opera, the fastest browser on Earth. Mouse gesturing through webpages, reading my mail, reading my newsgroups, reading my newsfeeds and chatting on IRC, without the need to download 101 extra extensions just to configure it how I like it.

Umm… What the fuck?

Nokia Neo – mobile phone with ipod-usability

Sunday, 21 November 2004

Regarding so many rumors about a new nokia music phone, we decided to publish some information of the upcoming phone. Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you because there will be no build-in harddisc as mentioned in many forums. The Nokia Neo has a SD/MMC-Card expansion slot (below the backcover) like most other nokias. The internal memory is about 7 MB.

So, there are no facts which make the neo a music phone. In our opinion the usability badly disappoints. The navigation wheel which might be cool and functional for an apple ipod is simply tremendous for a mobile phone. Entering a phone number is quite ok but wait till you compase a new SMS … take some vacation.

Click for more pictures

Right then… Ok it looks helluva cool, but unless that SMS thing can be resolved, I doubt anyone sane would go for this. Unless they employ the same text input system found in the game Killzone, or they can wondrously incorporate voice recognition for SMS composing… Yeah… Unlikely… And the only thing that makes this worthwhile to purchase is if they include a 2 Gig MMC (Yes, they’re gonna come out with that by the end of the year methinks. No, not from Nokia.) quote

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