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British Military Enlists Its First Satanist

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s Armed Forces have enlisted their first Satanist after a naval technician serving on a frigate was granted permission to practice his beliefs while at sea, the Ministry of Defense said Sunday.

Defending the decision to allow a Satanist among the Royal Navy’s ranks, a ministry spokesman said it was an “equal opportunities employer” and did not discriminate against specific religious beliefs.

“He went to his commanding officer with a request to practice his beliefs on board his ship and it was granted … We believe he is the first avowed Satanist to serve in the military, but there is no official register of beliefs,” the spokesman said.

The Sunday Telegraph newspaper said Chris Cranmer, 24, from Edinburgh, Scotland would be allowed to have a funeral carried out by the Church of Satan should he be killed in action.

The Church of Satan was founded in the 1960s, but Satanism can refer to a diverse set of practices that include viewing Satan as a force of nature.

Members of the church, which rejects Christian ideas of God and the Devil, follow 11 Satanic Rules of the Earth.

The belief system has been condemned as a cult by some religious groups and at least one opposition politician expressed dismay after Cranmer won permission to practice Satanism aboard a Royal Navy ship.

“I am utterly shocked by this,” said Conservative parliamentarian Anne Widdecombe.

“Satanism is wrong. Obviously the private beliefs of individuals anywhere including the armed forces are their own affair but I hope it doesn’t spread,” she said.


Genuine job opportunity… 1 week part time job…

Working hours from 7.45 to 3, network and IT department maintenance. Basic maintenance such as file backup and hardware rearrangement. Send your particulars, IC no, resume, qualifications to:

The Employer
Mimit Melody Solutions

Only Bruneian males may apply. Can start work immediately this week. Please reply ASAP with your particulars.

New Layout? Give me your thoughts and comments…

I’ll milk out a few just in case, but here’s the first one. This is designed to look like those picture books or something, where you cut diagonals on the paper at the four corners and fit the picture through each corner.

My prerogative is simple. Keep it light. For a page designed like that, I can make it load as fast as possible. I can just reuse elements and everything would still look as it should.

Please leave your thoughts…

I’m sick son!!!

Yeah, pretty much out of it today. I was like half asleep at work just now. The boss told me to go home if I want, but I was stubborn and promised to go at 2pm… But the headache was too much that I had to split at 1… Just my luck, being sick at a time like this…

Firefox invulnerable? Invincible? I think not…

Well this goes to all the browsers in existence, IE, Opera, Mozilla/Firefox, Avant Browser, Safari, etc…

Slashdot article.

My pursuit of Linux goodness…

The prospect of that has just gotten better. Now that my CD-Rom automagically is able to read CD’s again, I went all crazy and burnt all the iso’s I’ve been keeping aside for burning. First up is the Knoppix Live CD 3.6 iso. I’ve been having trouble with this distro going back since 3.2. Well, ok, I’ve ran 3.2 and 3.3 on a different system without a hitch, but it just doesn’t seem to want to work with this laptop. Now that 3.6 has kernel 2.6.7 (I believe), it now works like a charm on this machine. This distro even piqued a co-worker’s interest and copied it and was very much giddy playing around with it. In fact, I’m running Knoppix 3.6 right now, posting on Blogger with Mozilla browser. I haven’t gotten around to installing anything yet, coz, frankly, I want to take it one step at a time.

Maybe I shouldn’t be installing any programs for an OS that’s running off of a CD mayhaps. Maybe I should be looking for a decent enough installable distro? Well, that’s what I thought, but I’m still wary of installing anything coz yes, I admit I’m a n00b. Considering I’ve had success with using SuSE 9.0 Live Eval CD that came with Linux Format Magazine, I was eager to download SuSE personal 9.1 when it became available. Oh a sidenote, the personal, installable iso is a new addition to the SuSE family. Used to only have a network installation package and a Live Eval iso, no run-off-of-a-cd iso back then. On another, another sidenote, I wanted to offer SuSE Enterprise for this webserver this organization wanted us to quote, but Red Hat won the day. If it was my decision, I’d take SuSE hands down.

So yeah, back to the topic. Partitioned my HDD, leaving an empty 2.5 Gig space, and inserted the SuSE 9.1 installation CD and waited with abated breath. To my surprise and chagrin, the installation was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever encountered. I mean, when I “tried” to install Slackware 9.1, I basically had to learn everything about the naming convention of the logical hard disks and the significance. For instance hda1 to hda4 would be for the primary disk and hda5 to hda9 was for the logical disk, if memory serves me right. Then I had to pick the Swap partition and pick which filesystem best suited for my use, either reiserf, ext2 etc. Installing LILO, configuring LILO, I mean, it was hard work for a complete Linux n00b like me, and that’s with a guiding hand from the Linux Format magazine which I also got the installation CD for Slackware 9.1 from. Hell, during Computer Science Architecture’s assignment on how to dual boot Linux and Windows, it took like around two pages to explain fully how to do it step by step from a complete n00b’s point of view.

Installing SuSE? The freespace that I left earlier, the 2.5 Gig one, I thought I had to do the same thing again, partitioning, swap thing, bla bla bla. Oh how wrong I was. The installer was more than able to handle it itself. Given it around 280+ MB for the swap space and leaving the rest for the linux filesystem, defaulting its choice to reiserf, I was mighty impresed. Giving the option of using GRUB or LILO or booting into SuSE from a floppy disk (which I wholeheartedly recommend as it won’t mess with your MBR, master boot record), everything was laid out in a nice GUI, and you can click on it to change any option you want, without much of a hassle. Ah bliss… Those people at Novell deserve a kiss on their rings. In fact, you won’t see a command line type thing during installation, apart from when it boots up to the installation GUI. Everything was up and running in an hour, which I could spare.

So here we go, delving into the world of Linux at last, at my own pace, at my own time. Glad to be able to join ya guys finally. Now to try out other flavors, maybe Slackware 10.0 or Knoppix STD or Mandrake or Fedora or, *gasp* Debian!?! Ok, I’m getting way in over my head… Slowly dude, slowly…

Sometimes, Maddox can be a genius…