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I should definitely try this…

The idea of viewing Star Wars in the same manner as many have viewed the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show originated in the Usenet newsgroup rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc. While some may consider this to be sacrilege, making the viewing of Star Wars interactive between the film and the audience would add a new dimension to watching the movies. However, we do not endorse any of these actions. After all, “it’s not our fault” if someone gets in trouble for following one of these crazy ideas.

When Jar Jar Binks is going hysterical in the underwater ship, yell Use the Vulcan Neck Pinch! just before Qui-Gon Jinn puts his hand on Jar Jar’s shoulder.

When Obi-Wan is hanging on the edge of the pit, yell What will he do? I know! He’ll use the Force to give Maul a heart attack!

This one I liked the best;

When Anakin says anything like “I dreamed of the Padme` ” or I was thinking of Padme`” continue his sentence with “Naked, riding on top of me.”

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Heimlich Maneuver on Self

‘Fantastic Four’ refers to actors, too

By Susan Wloszczyna, USA TODAY
The Fantastic Four comes forth.

essica Alba is a housewife-turned-superhero in Fantastic Four. She’ll team up with The Shield’s Michael Chiklis, Ioan Gruffudd and newcomer Chris Evans.
20th Century Fox

After several false starts, the movie version of the dysfunctional family of comic-book superheroes known as the Fantastic Four has commenced filming in Vancouver, B.C., and will arrive in theaters July 1.

For those who can’t wait to see who is in the signature skin-tight blue uniforms, here is an exclusive peek at the contentious clan that has been one of the most popular titles in the Marvel universe.

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Recognize this?

Watched Puteri Gunung Ledang…

And surprisingly, it was good. Damn good in fact. Watched the Ghost too, but that’s not such a fun experience. Thank god wasn’t watching it with a female coz I might’ve looked silly yelping and saying “Oh shit, son!” over and over again.

Oh… Drove over a frog on the way home Thursday night. Gave out a mighty “FLOP!” or how it sounds like you squash something small. Heh… THat made me grin all the way home.

OH just had to post this great drift video found on ORSM.

Coroner: 9 drugs found in Rick James’ systemDeath attributed to heart attack, ruled accident

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) — Flamboyant funk musician Rick James had nine drugs in his system when he died suddenly in August, including cocaine, methamphetamine, valium and vicodin, according to a coroner’s report Thursday.

James, 56, died in his sleep on August 6 in his Los Angeles home of a heart attack, but the drugs in his system likely contributed to the organ’s failure, the report said.

James, best known for his 1981 hit “Super Freak,” suffered from diabetes, had a pacemaker and had been in fragile health after a stroke in 1998. He had been hooked on crack cocaine and once proclaimed himself an “icon of drug use and eroticism.”

His family attributed his death to natural causes, but the Los Angeles County coroner took over the case because James had not seen a doctor in recent weeks. An autopsy failed to establish the cause and toxicology tests were ordered.

The coroner listed nine drugs, including prescription medications for anxiety, pain relief and heart failure, along with cocaine and methamphetamine that were found in James’s body.

“None of the drugs or drug combinations were found to be at levels that were life-threatening in and of themselves,” the report said. It gave the cause of death as a heart attack and ruled the death accidental.

James, who received a lifetime achievement award in June, had recently finished recording an album and was in talks with Hollywood studios for a movie about his life.

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“Cocaine is helluva drug!”

The Top 100 Things I’d Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord

29. I will dress in bright and cheery colors, and so throw my enemies into confusion.

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I should keep this handy, no?

Having a bad day?

when you occasionally have a really bad day, and you just need to take it out on someone, don’t take it out on someone you know — take it out on someone you don’t know. I was sitting at my desk when I remembered a phone call I had forgotten to make. I found the number and dialed it.

A man answered, saying, “Hello.”

I politely said, “Could I please speak with Robin Carter?”

Suddenly, the phone was slammed down on me. I couldn’t believe that anyone could be so rude. I realized I had called the wrong number. I tracked down Robin’s correct number and called her. I had accidentally transposed the last two digits of her phone number. After hanging up with her, I decided to call the ‘wrong’ number again.

When the same guy answered the phone, I yelled, “You’re an asshole!” and hung up.

Read more here. I guarantee you it’s fucking hilarious.

Jaws Drop When Giant Turtle Surfaces

FULLERTON, Calif. — The legend of a vicious snapping turtle named “Old Bob” turned out to be true when workers hired to scoop fish from Laguna Lake pulled out the 50-year-old creature.

For 40 years, residents around the man-made lake had heard rumors about the 100-pound reptile known as an alligator snapping turtle.

“No wonder folks get excited,” Sharon Paquette, vice president of the Orange County chapter of the California Turtle and Tortoise Club, said Thursday after the snapper surfaced. “It’s an awesome sight to see what looks like a prehistoric creature.”

Officials did not know how the giant turtle, normally found in the South and Midwest, got to the lake.

“I’d heard for years there was supposed to be big turtle somebody let loose,” said Fullerton resident Carlos Mingo.

Alligator snapping turtles are the largest of all freshwater turtles in North America, growing up to 250 pounds and living longer than 100 years. It has a wormlike tongue used to attract its prey, a huge head with a hooked beak and ridge-like shell.

The creature is illegal in California, Paquette said, because they breed and multiply easily with no predator to keep their population in check.

They’re also dangerous.

“These are powerful animals,” said Paquette, who plans to send “Old Bob” to a turtle preserve on the East Coast. “A human could lose a foot or fingers.”

Experts said Old Bob might have been a pet, when he was small. Eric Akaba of the California Turtle and Tortoise Club said he probably was abandoned when he was young.

“He would have been a lot smaller than this,” Akaba said.

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I haven’t had a boyfriend for 3 years

BOASTING long blonde hair, luscious green eyes and a gorgeous figure, Adele Silva is one of TV’s sexiest babes.

Yet amazingly the 23-year-old former Emmerdale beauty has been single for nearly three years.

She sighs: “I’ve been on my own for a long time now. I have only had one proper boyfriend all my life — Stockport footballer Warren Feeney — and we split up all that time ago.

“Since then I’ve been on dates but have mostly been caught up in work.”

Incredibly, despite her stunning looks, Adele reckons she never gets chatted up.

She says: “It’s hard meeting people and if you go out in a big group of girls it can be intimidating for guys.

Read more here.

For someone like that, I’m willing to throw intimidation out of the window and even allow myself to make me look like a complete asshat if that means I can smell her scent…