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Computer experts compete for top prize in Singapore hacking contest

Armed with laptops, modems, hard disk drives and sandwiches, 12 computer experts hunkered down on Friday for a seven-hour contest to find the best hacker in tech-savvy Singapore.

Divided into six two-man teams, the contestants participating in “BlackOPS: HackAttack challenge 2004” have to defend their networks and servers from hacking while attacking other teams’ systems.

The top prize is a DVD burner and computer classes. “It’s a very realistic scenario,” said Julian Ho, the organizer of the government-backed contest. “Most security professionals engage in some kind of ‘dark art’ … Computer espionage is a very big thing.”

The contestants hailed from Brunei, China, Myanmar and Singapore, but their identities couldn’t be revealed because they all work in the computer security business, organizers said. All the entrants had to first pass a preliminary competition.

By Friday afternoon, the Brunei team — dubbed “Frozen Throne” — was leading.

Teams were not allowed to use the Internet as hacking tool, only computers and modems.

Asia has been the root of some of the worst attacks by hackers in recent years. In May 2000, the so-called Love Bug virus, released in the Philippines, overwhelmed e-mail servers worldwide and caused tens of millions of dollars in damage.

Singapore has said it is increasingly concerned about cyber security in the highly wired city-state where eight in 10 households own personal computers.

Hackers can be jailed for up to three years or fined up to 10,000 Singapore dollars ($5,852; euro 4,735) under Singapore’s Computer Misuse Act.

Organizers had said they hoped the contest would help shed light on ways to prevent actual computer attacks.

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MASSIVE RESPECT! I took back what I said about Bruneian and hacking, which basically I said it was non existant… Again… RESPECT!


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Aug 26 2004

Lolita sex book to outsell Harry

By Jeremy Charles

A SHOCKING book about the lustful experiences of a 15-year-old girl goes on sale in Britain today.

Melissa Panarello’s graphic story of how she lost her virginity, had an orgy with five men, then sex with a married man, a transvestite and a lesbian has caused outrage.

But the book has sold 1.5million copies worldwide – knocking Harry Potter off the top of the best-seller list in her native Italy.

Pope John Paul II even warned youngsters about the book in case it made them promiscuous.

But Melissa, who lives in Rome and is now a millionaire at 18, said: ‘Of course my book is pornographic – but it’s not negative pornography.

‘Pornography is part of our civilisation, yet we are told to take it as vulgar and dirty. But sex is a central part of our lives.

‘I’m glad my book has caused controversy because it gets people talking and it brings sex out into the open.’

Some critics have suggested the book, titled One Hundred Strokes Of The Brush Before Bed, is more imagination than reality.

But Melissa said: ‘Just because Italian society says it’s not normal for 15-year-old girls to have sex doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.’

Melissa is also due to appear on a Channel Five programme called Sex, Sexy in October and her book is due to be turned into a film.

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I’d Sell My Kidney for a Nokia 6230

Liek whoa…

67 people ‘decapitated while travelling on trains’

A new report by US rail authorities has revealed 67 people were decapitated while travelling on trains last year.

The incidents were caused by passengers sticking their heads out of speeding trains when advised not to.

Most of the accidents occurred as trains were going through tunnels or passing other trains.

Amazingly the report also revealed of the 67 heads that were cut off only 12 were either found or handed in.

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Nuns suspended for going on wild Club 18-30 holiday

Twelve American nuns have been suspended from their convent after going on an alcohol and sex fuelled holiday.

The women, all aged between 22 and 31, went on the Club 18-30 holiday without telling anyone where they were going.

On returning from the debauched break last week and immediately found themselves in hot water with the mother-superior.

During the trip it has been claimed the nuns slept with a total of 43 men between them on the two-week trip.

When quizzed about where they’d been every single one of the holy women confessed to what they had been up to.

Amazingly the 12 ladies tried to excuse their behaviour by claiming they wanted to experience sin.

I was looking for some sexy nuns pictures to add to this story, but all of em are not very appropriate.. 🙁 Ah well

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Malaysian Worker Killed In Freak Accident At Seria Jobsite

By Liza Mohd

Seria – A Malaysian worker died at a fabrication yard in Seria yesterday after sustaining a head injury from a freak accident.

The Brunei Shell Petroleum Company in a press release said, the 31-year-old Malaysian national, an employee of one of BSP’s contractors, sustained a fatal head injury at around 7.30 am, August 18.

The incident happened at the contractor’s fabrication yard. At the time of the incident, work activities had not commenced at the fabrication yard.

For a reason yet to be established, the deceased was inside a 32″ pipe spool-tee piece, which was resting on two supports. The pipe spool toppled over, resulting in the worker sustaining a fatal head injury, the BSP press release added.

The deceased is survived by his widow and two children. The deceased was reportedly sent to the RIPAS Hospital for postmortem.

BSP said an investigation on the incident is under way.

The police also confirmed the accident and would conduct further investigations. — Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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Men within 30 miles of the blast will instantly turn queer!

By Nick Jefferies

EXTREMIST Muslim scientists are developing a bomb that turns anyone within a 30-mile radius of its blast into a homosexual, say U.S. Intelligence insiders.

It’s all a part of the Al Qaeda master plan to pull our country apart and kill the patriotism that makes us strong. “

They believe that making more Americans gay will start civil war between gays and ultraconservatives,” says one highly placed intelligence officer. “They also figure it will lead to a decrease in the U.S. population.”

The Gay Bomb was already in the planning stages when Osama Bin Laden and close, intimate friend Muhammad Atef founded the international terrorist group Al Qaeda in 1989.

“Atef and Bin Laden spent many late nights together during that time of revolution,” reveals an ex-Al Qaeda member, who prefers to remain anonymous for fear of retribution.

“One morning, I entered their living quarters and they had worked so hard the night before they had fallen into bed together, suffering from exhaustion.

“That’s when I saw the blueprints for the bomb. I asked about it, but Bin Laden said to leave it to the scientists. He and Atef had accidentally set one off the night before.”

The explosive device is a foot long and shaped like a cigar with a pair of land mines at one end. Planes carrying the weapons will drop them on all major U.S. cities, except, of course, San Francisco, reveals the source.

The Gay Bomb will detonate the instant a heterosexual male steps on one of the mines, releasing potent waves of the female hormone estrogen into the air.

Within hours, heterosexual men will experience terrible urges like: “I’m dying to make out with my buddy in the next cubicle,” and “I want a divorce from the witch I married,” and “I wonder if I should redecorate the living room.”

By the end of the day, the nation will be thrown into chaos. Wives and husbands will square off, leaving a trail of broken families from Hollywood to New York City.

Children will sob: “Why is Daddy moving the furniture and who is Judy Garland?”

Civil war will break out between conservative heterosexuals and newly single guerrilla fighters whowill likely call themselves the PLH, or Proud Latent Homosexuals.

“The only way to stop this horrible vision of the future is to analyze an exposed person’s biochemistry and come up with a vaccine before the gay bombs strike,” explains a government scientist.

Fortunately, Homeland Security czar Tom Ridge has stepped forward and volunteered for the dangerous job.

“We will reconstruct the gay bomb from the ex-Al Qaeda member’s memory of the blueprints and set it off,” says the scientist.

“Mr. Ridge will be as queer as a three-dollar bill until we find an antidote. Hopefully, we will discover the cure before it becomes permanent and he remains a gay man forever.”


Hahahahahah man that website makes me laugh sometimes… Great stuff, that…