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Taking Stock One Year After

By Robert Higgs

One year ago the United States unleashed its armed forces in an invasion of Iraq. Prior to the invasion, the Bush administration offered a variety of justifications for launching it and defended its war plan against critics who claimed that a U.S. invasion was unnecessary and would be immoral or unwise. For everyone except those blinded by partisan loyalty to the Bush administration, the truth is now all too obvious. The administration was wrong and the critics were right.

The president, the vice president, the secretaries of defense and state, and other leading figures in the Bush administration insisted confidently and repeatedly in interviews, speeches, and public forums that the Iraqi regime harbored vast stocks of chemical and biological weapons; that it was actively developing nuclear weapons; that it either possessed already or soon would possess effective means, including long-range missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, of delivering so-called weapons of mass destruction far beyond its borders, even to the United States; that it had established links to members of al Qaeda; and that it was directing its military and related efforts toward wreaking great harm on the United States. Along the way, many auxiliary claims came forth involving, among other things, an alleged Iraqi attempt to obtain uranium “yellow cake” from Niger; procurement of aluminum tubes allegedly for use in Iraqi nuclear-weapons production; and an alleged April 2001 meeting in Prague between al Qaeda operative Mohammed Atta and an Iraqi intelligence agent. Administration leaders maintained that the conquest of Iraq (officially its “liberation”) would set off a chain reaction of democratization across the Middle East.

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ISPs, Net phone services would all have to rewire

By Ben Charny

Updated: 03:01 PM PT March12, 2004

A far-reaching proposal from the FBI, made public Friday, would require all broadband Internet providers, including cable modem and DSL companies, to rewire their networks to support easy wiretapping by police.


The FBI’s request to the Federal Communications Commission aims to give police ready access to any form of Internet-based communications. If approved as drafted, the proposal could dramatically expand the scope of the agency’s wiretap powers, raise costs for cable broadband companies and complicate Internet product development.

Legal experts said the 85-page filing includes language that could be interpreted as forcing companies to build backdoors into everything from instant messaging and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) programs to Microsoft’s Xbox Live gaming service. The introduction of new services that did not support a back door for police would be outlawed, and companies would be given 15 months to make sure existing services comply.

“The importance and the urgency of this task cannot be overstated,” says the proposal, which is also backed by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

“The ability of federal, state and local law enforcement to carry out critical electronic surveillance is being compromised today.”

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My First Nigerian Scam E-Mail!

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 12:57:27 +0100
Subject: OWODA
To: undisclosed-recipients: ;

From the Office of : Dr.Tony Owoda,

Attention : President/CEO.

Dear Sir,

This is for your urgent attention. First, I must solicit your strictest confidence as you read this letter. Though this might come to you as a surprise since we have not met or spoken with each other before. I plead for your understanding and tender my humble apologies if I have taken you unaware.

My name is DR.TONY OWODA, a member of the committee set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria to supervise the activities of the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF), the agency that manages proceeds from the sales of crude oil in my country. At the inception of the new democratic government in my country, the Petroleum Trust Fund was ordered to wind up its operations to enable the new committee take over. The former Chairman of the agency in the person of Major General Muhammed Buhari (Rtd.) was also retired.

In its place, a new committee in which I am a member was set up to take over and oversee the activities of the agency. The duty of the committee amongst others includes verifying all outstanding contract claims and debts with the sole objective of settling such long overdue claims. I therefore decided to contact you directly having gotten your name and company’s information from a business handbook of your country I discovered in the former chairman’s official study room, which he left behind .

Going through some of the files left behind by the former chairman, we discovered that he has secured out of the Central Bank of Nigeria a FOREIGN EXCHANGE RELEASE ORDER to the tune of US$FIFTY MILLION United States Dollars for the payment of goods and services supplied by foreign contractors for the execution of KUBUWA WATER PROJECT in the oil rich Niger Delta. He was trying to transfer the funds to a ghost company abroad when he was removed from office. In confidence, we know that the goods and services were not supplied but used his office to approve the payment in favour of a foreign firm with no fixed address. He confided in me as a member of the new committee that he used his position to over invoice the contract. After his removal from office, this over invoiced amount is floating in the system and left unclaimed. He has therefore requested me to help look for a foreign company/person into whose account the funds will be transferred.

I am now soliciting for your cooperation to enable us process the transfer of the funds to your account. You should provide us your company’s name or any other name as long as you will be able to receive the amount. It will be treated as one of the outstanding payments due to you on executed contracts. We will take measure to duly register your company here in Nigeria to give it legitimacy. We need your company’s name and account particulars to enable us file application for foreign exchange allocation order at the Federal Ministry of Finance. The moment we accomplish this, we will raise Contract Award Certificate in your company’s name to show that a contract was actually awarded and executed by you. The nature of your business does not matter.

For your participation and investing in this project, we are prepared to concede 25% of the total sum to you and On completion of the project, we will commit a substantial percentage of our share into investments in your country and we will direct you on how to repatriate the balance of our share to us.

I wish to state here again that confidentiality should be our watchword. If the above proposal meets your approval, please respond immediately.

Endeavour to furnish me with your secured private telephone and fax line for easy reach.



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