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Gigabyte combines Wi-FI, USB Flash drive

Gigabyte has a novel idea for fans of go-anywhere computing: a USB Flash drive that features a built-in Wi-Fi adaptor.

Get the full story at The Register.


For you Sony Ericsson nuts out there, here’s another reason for you to wait out a little longer to purchase a brand new phone…

The full story can be found here.

Hooooooooooooooooo Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Damn… Finally figured out what was causing the problem with my Permalinks… Turns out it was easy as pie… Apparently we learned it in Turbo C programming classes… Hahah… What a dummass… Now it’s in perfect working order… Try it out for yourself… And oh yeah, Selamat Hari Raya…


Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the Pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance

My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the Horror of the shade,

And yet the menace of the years

Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll,

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.

I’m not such a poem person, but I found this lying around my backups of my older site. It was by William Ernest Henley, and it was the last words by the infamous Oklahoma City Bomber, Timothy McVeigh. Sicko.

New Feature.

With my 1337 h4x0ring skills, uh, excuse me, I mean, minimal PHP programming know how, I have managed to create a rudimentary Permalink fashioned from using the year and date to create the text links. It has to be said that I am utilizing monthly archiving for my site and each of these are created into a text file. So just by getting the current year and month, I fashioned a link thats permanent. So if any of the readers want to point to a certain article on this site, you can just copy that link down. But it’s mainly for me to create my articles page, so I don’t have to scour for the anymore. Wow. I feel very productive.

Oooh, ooh… for them Google-ers who might want to look for this info, Permalink for Blogger.

EDIT Turns out it didn’t work well afterall… OK, it was my bad, but it seemed like a workable idea… Damn those sleepless nights…

MUCH LATER THAT NIGHT’S EDIT I almost got it to work… Just one small digit to contend to… Than the glorious Permalink will be up and running without a hitch…

I knew it…

Well here we are folks. I knew that we won’t be having our Raya tomorrow (or this morning), but none of it really matters anyhoo. Couldn’t really care much about Raya. Hell, the newest wardrobe I bought were only a black shirt and a red polo, to wear to school. That’s how excited I am about Raya. For me, I’ll only miss the Terawih of posa, coz hey, that’s the only time you see me very active praying.

Getting shouted at for not helping one bit cleaning the house, because I was too busy playing Max Payne 2, C&C;: Generals and Zero Hour. Man, once you can get the “Texture Details” slider bar to the High setting and playing either games past the 1024 x 768 resolution mark, there’s no going back. Yes I’m gushing on a bit about my laptop, but this beast gets hot pretty damn quick. Damn Radeon 9000 and 2.66 GHz P4. Damn those sweet, sweet puppies. And the battery life isn’t up to snatch, with intense gaming w/o the AC supply only got me an hours worth of gameplay. Apparently, the advertised 2.5 Hours of usage time, is only for the standby mode. Damn advertising. I waited for 4 weeks for this thing, and then it gets hot on me for an hour? Damn. And the Wi-Fi on the blitz? Damn. But no matter. I can get used to plugging in. I can get a fan. I’ll mod one if I have to.

Here I want to urge my viewers to download a lil’ sweet program called Skype. It’s a VoIP proggie for you to talk to your hoochie mama where ever in the world. Granted you’d need a fast connection, (Dial up users, get used to mumbling) but it’s a good technology nonetheless, brought to you by the same people that have grazed us with the godsend app, KaZaA. Also, if you’re a webmaster, please don’t use cracked ftp programs, or the old and getting lame by the minute, WS_FTP. If you want a *FREE* ftp client, I suggest you head on over to to download FileZilla. Sweet FTP client without much the hassle.

And oh, about my previous post, that was done in the wee hours of the morning, so I’m a bit incoherent in my typing mad skillz and thinking angle…

The world is coming to an End…

It’s times like these that you wish that you weren’t living in such a a society that lives off, and promotes, rampant commercialization, business monopolies, shrewd business practices and most importanly, snivelling rat lawyers that try to govern the world at the expense of the dissemination of ideas, technological advancements, free speech and, the most important basic human need, free will…

Why I bring this up? I wanted to burn a Knoppix Distro, which I promptly surfed to, but I was greeted with this:

Closed because of “Software-Patents”

In the next few days, the European Parliament will decide about the legalisation and adoption of so-called “software patents” in Europe, which are already used by large companies in other countries to put competitors out of business. This can lead to the termination of many software projects such as KNOPPIX, at least within Europe, because the holders of the over 30,000 already granted “software patents” (currently without a legal foundation) can claim exclusive rights and collect license fees for trivial things like “progress bars”, “mouseclicks on online order forms”, “scrolling within a window” and similar. That way, software developers will have to pay the “software-patentholders” for using these features, even in their own, completely self-developed applications, which can completely stall the development of innovative software for small and medium companies. Apart from this, the expense for patent inquiries and legal assistence is high, for even trying to find out if the self-developed software is possibly violating “software-patents”, if you want to continue to market your software. Contrary to real patents, “software-patents” are, in the current draft, monopolization of business ideas and methods, even without any tangible technical implementation.

Granted, the Knoppix movement is alive and well, but it does bring to focus a couple of things, and I have meant to rant about this for the last two months. In a nutshell, so you guys can follow me, is that these patent holders will collect money for some technology that they did not invent, hence, my reference to the shrewd business practices on top of this post. I believe there was a case in America where a guy claiming to have written a block of code in the Linux OS, and claiming his rights to license fees of all Linux Distros. I’m not sure of the result of that case, but this highlights the seriousness of the matter. And these guys are not the exception to the rule, “Patent holders” from all over America are already claiming their licensing fees amounting to ridiculous levels. There was even a case disputing on who really owned the patents to the Internet.

I can’t say that the Patents system is flawed by any long stretch. Sometimes it’s good that inventors have the assurance of their ideas will not be duplicated by someone churning out knock off products in a factory somewhere in the South East Asians. But from my initial observations, there are overlaps pertaining to ideas, and of course, as anyone who had ever thought of becoming an inventor, ideas come fast and thick, but most of em have the consistency of shit. Just have a browse through the index numbers of ALL the patents, you see what I mean. It’s these frivolous things that needs to be stricken from the patents system. There need to be a review panel consisting of numerous independet analysts from differing disciplines to work out if an idea is worth patenting or should it be put into the public domain so it may be bettered. But then again, each idea is a product to be sold to the all ready mouths and backpacks of consumers.

Return of the King…

The king of rants and web silliness has returned to the online world… Powered with a shit fast laptop (well faster than my old b0x anyway) I aim to serve my denizens that has only been able to Google for bums, to once again, god willing, be fulfilled with yummy good rants… Stay tuned…

Bwahahah Funny yet Educational :D

This is the best ‘The Matrix’ parody ever!!! 😀 It’s called The Meatrix…

“Who are you?” “I am Moopheus…”

Just click da link 😀

Wanna be a Ninja? Here’s how…

Follow the easy steps … :Þ

Woot! You’re now a real Ninja… now go out and kick ass… 😀