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Agent Smith: What good is a phone call Mr. Anderson… if you’re unable… to… speak???

I’d say: What good is a phone call if you’re phone looks like crap?

This Samsung Matrix phone blows all other phones outta the water…

DAMN!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!! DAMMNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!. I didn’t know it was made into a production model. The first time I caught a glimpse of this phone is in the Animatrix episode, Final Flight of the Osiris right at the end… I know it was in the Matrix: Reloaded, but I didn’t get a good look throughout the whole film… They made it into a production model!!! Damn!!! And the clincher is, that this phone will never arrive at these shores!!! US market only!!! Damn!!! And forget trying to bring this phone over from US, it won’t work with our GSM standards…

More info can be found here. The Sun Article where I first found it.

It seems that you guys, (yes, the two of you) wants more than light loading, notepad layouting shenanigans. Daym… Now I have to go to intense layout making mode… First results may come out sometime this week… Or the next… I guess you’d know when you see it…

Oh, just got Animatrix DVD (which was supposed to come out in June) and the stuff looks awesome. The first four episodes I already reviewed, namely the two Second Renaissance episodes, Program and A Detective’s Story. The other nine looks mighty awesome too… Especially Final Flight of the Osiris, which, to be honest, should be looking like a million bucks considering the Producer of that episode worked on Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, the underrated Square epic. [Yes, people shun away stuff they are scared of and stuff they don’t understand. (Case in point: Reign of Fire, apocalyptic disasters scare the bejeebers out of the average movie goer…)]

Back to the Animatrix… The five episodes look like absolute gems, where all of the episodes are produced by the most talented Anime Producers and Directors. Beyond, for example, animates flawlessly, even though some might not like the main protagonist’s character design. Matriculated, helmed by the same Producer that made Aeon Flux, that short lived anime on MTV, also has the same character design and animation quality as Aeon Flux. A Kid’s Story‘s drawing philosophy, if you can call it that, is ‘sketchy’. Close up, you can see each frame of the character looks like it’s been sketched with pencil, but the animation still as fluid as it comes. World Record is the odd one out, though. The character designs looks very much inspired from ‘American Anime’, for lack of a better term. Every muscle over emphasized, every movement exaggerated, character design different, yet stylish. FInal Flight of the Osiris looks like a Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within beater. The character’s skin is far more detailed and less subtle than Final Fantasy. The part where the two main protagonists kissed, it looked mighty real that I swore they used real actors for that part.

Five out of nine of these episodes ties in directly with the Matrix movies, while the other four merely serves as a sidestory set within the Matrix Universe. Final Flight of the Osiris, and A Kid’s Story leads directly into the Matrix: Reloaded, with Final Flight of the Osiris going through the game, Enter the Matrix first before the story is passed on to the Matrix: Reloaded. Program ties in with the first Matrix movie, while the two Second Renaissance pretells the story of the whole Matrix shenanigans.

Oh… Yeah… Already figured out the purpose of the Oracle yet?

OK… It’d not be fair if I didn’t say this, but I was at the Simpur Roadshow yesterday at Yayasan. It was OK, a bit fun at times, a bit hot and sticky too, but it was all good… Poklands came out in full force though… Heh, I saw this twelve-ish to fifteen-ish looking pokland holding hands with a girl, also twelve-ish to fifteen-ish looking. I wanted to giggle at them but I was trying to keep my cool. Oh of course I saw a stalker. :p She stalked me when I was “attentively concentrating on my laptop”. Later in the day she tried to stalk me by walking behind where I was supposed to be sitting, but I wasn’t sitting where I was supposed to be sitting, and she got found out… OOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPSSSS!!!!! Heheheh… Lot’s of chicks abound yesterday, but none could match that, oh so perfect chick I saw when I was buying a drink. Man… You shoulda seen me… Terkejut beruk you… She was like a perfect embodiment of a woman. She wasn’t like flaunting, not working it, if you know what I mean… But sadly, she looked 15…

Oh yeah, I made two new layouts to be considered, and I really need you, the fine readers, to give your opinions on them, coz I might be using them on future iterations of this site. But it’d be while tho for you to see these layouts being put up. Unless I can get Blogger to gimme XML feeds, or MovableType working here, these layouts will have to wait…

StupidLogicLite.html and Notepaddish.html.

The first one is a light loading one, hence the bubble. The second one is a soon to be piece du resistance… The notepad layout will stay, but the main concern here is the Windows Media Player thingy. I can go two ways… Converting it to Flash, and broadcast 48kbps songs through that, coming complete with play and stop buttons and of course a working visualization window and a slider bar, with everything controlled by Flash. And the second method would be using w.bloggar (?) to take songs off of my active Windows Media Player, and broadcast the songname onto that. And of course, that background is gonna be taken in real time from my background… (That way you can’t see if I’m looking at porn or not, it just takes a snapshot of my background, not the entire window…)

Heheh… Had a run through of the referrers, and something very interesting had happened… As you know I just posted those Jamal Abdillah and Siti Sarah lyrics up two days ago, and while that may not be a cause for alarm, what was interesting was someone did a search for it yesterday methinks, and my website came up! So that means my Google ranking has gone up considerably for Google to start caching my site immediately after I post! Heheheh! Woohoo! Geek Power!

Oh yeah, someone did a search using the keywords SoulJah Dreamcast, which leads me to believe that someone wants to buy my Dreamcast! Woohoo! Please, please use the rant facility on this post so we can facilitate a method of communication. And oh, someone is still searching for street bums stuff… Check my Extreme Tracking link if you don’t believe me…

I’m so aroused I need to share it with you fine readers. Are you a big fan of the Gran Turismo series? Then I bet my bottom dollars that you gonna get aroused by the latest screenshots of Gran Turismo 4. Keep an eye out for the Grand Canyon screenshots… Shaweet! Damn! I haven’t even done yet playing Gran Turismo 3 to death yet. Heh… GT4 almost makes up for not being able to play the newest Rogue Squadron game, Star Wars: Rebel Strike. Almost. Heh fuck Jedi Starfighter. Rebel Strike is the shiznit! Other upcoming games of note is Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater which, thankfully, feature real battles this time. And if EGM is to be believed, which I wholeheartedly do, the new gameplay possibilities and the awesome graphics and location, makes this a game to watch. Another game worth mentioning is the new Castlevania game, Lament of Innocence. Tremendous gameplay, as one can expect from a Castlevania game, and it doesn’t hurt that it looks gorgeous, either.

Here’s a list of upcoming games and not so upcoming games I intend to buy, out of sheer lack of ideas for anything to post.

Soul Calibur 2 (English)

Final Fantasy X-2 (English)

Resident Evil Outbreak

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Gran Turismo 4

Medal of Honor: Frontline

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

No One Lives Forever

007 Nightfire

Summer Heat Beach Volleyball

Sonic Heroes

Grand Prix Challenge

Midnight Club 2


Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

Dark Cloud 2

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

The last two games I’ll buy after I finish Maxing out my characters on Final Fantasy X International (which can take up to 220 Hours! 27 Days of 8 hour game playing!), which can be done easily using this guide called ‘Stat Maxing FAQ’ found on GameFAQs. Why do this? Because I wanna fight the extra Dark Aeons that are only available on the International version of Final Fantasy X. I’m that kind of guy that maxed out their FFVIII characters (Squall, Rinoa and that shotgun wielding d00d, I forgot his name) just for a chance to fight Omega Weapon.

All in all, the PS2 is gonna get some serious workout. Oh yeah, I think I wanna purchase a Blaze Multiplayer Controller Dongle. It’s $29 at Jill & Jill Gadong, as opposed to $48 at EGM (not the magazine) Gadong. Hah! $29 it is… Good for Winning Eleven Multiplayer Sessions with Adeeb and his bro against me and my bro. Maybe I should get another one and make it a really chaotic game…

Heh three posts in a day… Wow… That’s a new one for me ey? Well I’m making up for the downtimes I recently had… On one last note, I’ll give you an image that has been up on Fandi151, and I’ve always chuckled seeing it…

OK… Why am I posting these malay lyrics up? I dunno, it just took me a helluva long time to look for these words, so I just don’t wanna lose them OK?

Jamal Abdillah & Siti Sarah

Sandarkan Pada Kenangan

( JA: )

Kenangan manis kau dan aku

Takkan terhapus

Duri ranjau dalam bercinta

Lumrah dunia

( JA: )

Sayang menyayang

Cinta dikenang

Perasaan menjadi rindu

( 1 )

( SS: )


Lihatlah diriku yang kehilangan

Tanpa kasihmu sayang

Siapalah aku

( 2 )

( JA & SS: )

Sayang menyayang

Saling percaya

( JA: )

Punca kasih berpanjangan

( JA: / SS: )

Ohhh…. oh…

( 3 )

( JA: )

Mengapa kita harus bersengketa

( SS: )

Kerana fitnah dan salah sangka

( JA: )

Apa yang telah terjadi pada kenangan

( SS: )

Sememangnya aku tak pernah melupakan

( JA: )

Mengapa masih ada perasaan benci

( SS: )

Kerana cinta dan percaya luput dalam perasaan

( JA & SS: )

Marilah kasih

Kita saling sayang menyayang

Kalaulah ada benci

Kita sandarkan pada kenangan

( ulang 1, 2 & 3 )

( JA: )

Apa yang harus kita lakukan

( SS: )

Kita sandarkan pada kenangan

( JA: )

Mengapa masih ada perasaan benci

( SS: )

Kerana cinta dan percaya luput dalam perasaan

Hmmm… Anyone wanna buy me phone covers? My 3330 really need some TLC… Yumm!!! I’d take any one of those except for that Six Pack Man one…

Oh I found this great website for anyone who’s into hentai/manga/japanese items. Uhh… How did I find this site? Uhh… Umm… I was looking for DVDs, see… Uhh what DVDs? Uhh… Uhh… Look behind you! *Runs Away*

WARNING!!! Objectionable Materials Ahead. Verily Objectionable!!!

I’m gonna go with Fandi on this one and say that Matrix: Reloaded was one movie worth the premiere ticket alone. Even though the experience was marred somewhat when Syazwi blurted out vital scenes, but it was all good. The fight sequences alone can kick Swordfish’s “Bullet Time Bombing Scene” butt several times over, especially the Agent Smith Clones Fight Scene. And the fact that some moronic woman speaking in Malay located somewhere behind us jeering the Agents, I can live past that. The story wants to be convoluted though, which in theory makes this movie somewhat confusing. But in the end, it was supposed to be simple, and in retrospect, you can see it’s just a simple storyline, if you were paying attention of course.

But paying attention with over hundreds of movie goers complaining, moaning, groaning and whining, about the scene where the creator was talking is a difficult task. Shit. I mean it was only around 5 minutes, can’t you just shut up for a while and let the Matrix aficionado listen? Fuck! I bet I was the only one who knows the purpose of the One, and the purpose of the Oracle.

But they really took liberties with the story though. The Superman bit was really getting annoying the third time around, and the part where Trinity and Neo kissing (5 times! 5 times! 5 times! 5 times! 5 times!) was getting a bit dodgy. I mean we know they’re in love but shit… Get a friggin room why don’t ya? On second thought, they did.. So ho hum…

This movie also introduces some one off character/characters, which in all honesty, get overhyped so much, in the case of the Twins. But still, there are many characters that doesn’t get fleshed out that well. And where did the Operator on the Nebuchadnezzar from the first Matrix movie go off to? He didn’t die in the first movie right?

The storyline is good though, introducing real life problems (in the form of variables and error), deceit and, the whole underlying story of Reloaded, purpose, which weren’t a big concern in the first Matrix. Emotions as well, in the form of love of course, but also when the people that are already “awake” asking Neo for help in bringing over their relatives still asleep in the Matrix. Right then, you know that humanity is fucked up beyond all repair. Or FUBAR as they might say.

All in all, I give it 7 out of 10. But that’s before I get the DVD and of course before I finish playing the game. I’ll write another review after I’ve done both things.

Now onto a review of The Second Renaissance Part 2. This is a gritty and violent episode, plain and simple. Taking it’s cue right after the establishment of a machine government and city, ths story continues where it left off. As was said in the first Matrix movie, the humans engineered a plan whereby they would cover the entire globe with a black cloud (as was told by Morpheus in the first program sequence in the Matrix) so as to cut off the machines main source of abundant ebergy.

But the inevitable question arises. How can humans live under that condition? No sun to grow crops, hence no crops to feed the animals that are gonna be consumed. But if we assume that humans didn’t think that the war with the machines was gonna be that long, we can safely assume that they wouldn’t have yet created the food that was consumed out of necessity in the Matrix movie, where they were eating some gooey amino acid, vitamin filled food. So whose bright idea was it to cover up the sun then?

The ensuing war was a brutal one. Humans using Alien-ish, exoskeleton type of machines fighting against the endless sea of renegade machines. It was rather gritty. Watching Nam-styled soldiers killing wave after wave of machines. At first the humans thought that the battle was swinging their way, but when the machine can just introduce more and more machines, while humans get savegely killed by the emotionless robots, taking survivors into the first iteration of the Matrix to be used as power, you can see the hopelessness, or some would rather say, the hopeless optimism of the whole war.

One scene that stood out so much was when an exoskeleton was breached open by Sentinels, and the human inside it screaming unrecognizable words. Still having his arms and legs connected to the metal exoskeleton, his whole torso and abdomen was pulled using mechanized tentacles. That scene just kept staying in my head.

The lesson here folks, don’t piss off the machines.

Something still bothers me though. Where are the robots in the Matrix movies? In the first Matrix, they were addressed as machines, which led some to believe that the only machines are those Sentinels and grab-yo-face-and-drain-you-off robot that Neo was introduced to when he first woke up. Another conclusion some have made is that the machines doesn’t exist at all. Their “awareness” as some might refer to, only residing in the binary form, aka The Matrix. I would really like to see those machines though. The robots I mean. But I would really like to see the robot city in the Matrix Movies, as was shown in the Second Renaissance Part 2. But it’s safe to assume that there’s no longer the need for machines, robots I mean. They don’t have a war to wage. Sentinel’s are already decimating the humans, so yeah…

There it is… Four free episodes already out on the internet. Now for the rest, I will have to get the DVD containing all 9 episodes. I think $30 for 3 Layer 9 DVDs is a good investment for any Matrix Nut. And no, if I have it, you can’t borrow it. Nye nye… :p

My, my… It has been a while innit? The network supporting my section recently had a downtime due to a virus/worm attack of some sorts. All this time I thought they were gonna upgrade this line to 1 Mbps. (Yes, I said I was on a 1 Mbps line, but found out I was on 128 kbps only.)

Nothing much to report apart from that. The only worthy news is that we’d be watching Matrix: Reloaded this Saturday night… I can’t wait helluva long…

Heh… Friends… Gotta love em… Fandi from and Juwl came over to my house, at around 12.30am, last night. Yes, you read that right… AM for crying out loud! No matter though. I was still up playing Winning Eleven 6 International (I should stop using the long name and keep it to abbreviations, shouldn’t I?). And what the hell were they doing there at such a moronic hour? Wishing me a belated birthday. Man, boredom can screw up yer heads don’t it? Heh… Played a match, losing 2 – 1 to Juwl, which I guess is a major improvement since a couple of months ago, where 4 – 0 thrashings are the norm. Then proceeded to watch Mr. Deeds DVD, (which I have just played earlier in the night, and I can’t still get over what an improvement it is over the crapchute that is a VCD player. Why the hell did VCD become so popular in Brunei for fuck’s sake? I guess it’s the porn VCDs then.), in it’s entirety I might add, and proceeded to smoke and talk about stuff outside. It’s good to hear from friends again. Seven years together is not a short time, and I hope the friendship last forever…

Earlier that night also got a couple of messages wishing me happy birthday. Yes after the fact, and after the post I made yesterday… But it’s all good people… It’s all good…

My, my… I’m quite chatty in my old age, am I? Heh as promised in the previous post, I got an e-mail from the author of the site Famous Birthdays, and it’s all OK to post up a couple of birthdays in my writings. The reason he had that copyright there was because his database was plagiarized by some big and not so big entities… But yeah… It’s all good…

May 6th

Sigmund Freud, Orson Welles, Tony Blair, Tom Bergeron, George Clooney. Wow… Quite a few famous people ey?

Other famous people’s birthday in the month of May;

May 1st Glenn Ford, Rita Coolidge, Tim McGraw

May 2nd Baron Von Richthofen, Theodore Bikel, Roscoe Lee Browne, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

May 3rd Bing Crosby, James Brown, Frankie Valli

May 4th Audrey Hepburn <3, Lance Bass
May 5th Karl Marx, Craig David

May 7th Gary Cooper, Eva Peron

May 8th Harry S. Truman, Darren Hayes, Enrique Iglesias

May 9th James L. Brooks, Billy Joel

May 10th Fred Astaire, David O. Selznick, Pat Summerall, Gary Owens, Donovan, Sid Vicious, Paul “Bono” Hewson

May 11th Holly Valance

May 12th Florence Nightingale, George Carlin, Ving Rhames, Emilio Estevez, Tony Hawk, Jason Biggs

May 13th Stevie Wonder, Dennis Rodman

May 14th George Lucas, Robert Zemeckis, Tim Roth, Cate Blanchett, Danny Wood

May 15th Madeleine Albright

May 16th Liberace, Pierce Brosnan, Janet Jackson, Tori Spelling

May 17th Ayatollah Khomeini, Dennis Hopper, Bill Paxton, Bob Saget, Enya, Trent Reznor, Jordan Knight, Andrea Corr

May 18th Pope John Paul II, Chow Yun-Fat

May 19th Ho Chi Minh, Malcolm X, Pete Townshend, Andre the Giant

May 20th Jimmy Stewart, Cher, Busta Rhymes

May 21st Mr. T, Notorious B.I.G., Fairuza Balk

May 22nd Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Naomi Campbell

May 23rd Drew Carey, Jewel

May 24th Bob Dylan, Priscilla Presley

May 25th Mike Myers, Anne Heche, Lauryn Hill

May 26th John Wayne, Lenny Kravitz

May 27th Christopher Lee, Henry Kissinger, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

May 28th Ian Fleming, Kylie Minogue

May 29th Bob Hope, John F. Kennedy, Danny Elfman, LaToya Jackson, Noel Gallagher

May 30th Sadly, none worth mentioning…

May 31st Clint Eastwood, Joe Namath, Brooke Shields

Rather appropriate that Ian Fleming and Pierce Brosnan has the same birth”month”…

Thanks again to Edward Morykwas of Famous Birthdays for letting me post this up.