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Only a true fan/friend will do this…
Thanks Livie, lotsa love…

Any more ladies with webcams? C’mon… Encourage me to work on this site some more… Everyone knows I need a little encouragement now and then…

I’ll be making my biggest purchase in recent memory today… As of 5.30PM 28th April 2003, I’ll be the proud owner of one PS2 unit… Well hopefully anyway… I can see now, my parents flippin’ out with complete abandon… Woohah! UPDATE!: Well it turns out that the check will take 3 days to be cashed into my bank account so it’s gonna take around oh, 3 or 4 days for a brand new straight-loader PS2. !()@$&)(@!&$(&@!($*&! Ah… I feel better already… I’m sure I’ll keep ya posted on this one…

An illegal keymaker was used to create the key that BPFTP is registered with.
Illegal use will not be tolerated.
If you register right away this incident will be overlooked.
You will now be taken to the registration page automatically.

OH SHIT! Heheh…

Can anyone translate this?

I. R. Eminem

And if you’re really bored, look under the Show Files section, and look for three .SWF files. One is of course the color blindness test, the second is the car commercial (taken off Honda’s website, from the Opera Cache) and the third, is… well… you have to see it to believe it… It will suck hours of your life. Just do it in your friggin’ room. Not on the living room computer.

Heheh this is somewhat funny. Couldn’t have said it better my self… And I swear, I didn’t even use Photoshop on this one.

And this one is just so ripe for Photoshop junkies/Avril haters… Do your best/worst and get it posted up here… And if you can’t see the possibilities of this photo, I suggest you watch some more porn…

I.R. Powell

Heh… The previous post is for a specific someone I shall not reveal. Any bit of information can be used to know who this person is. Well anyway… I wanna talk about me for a while. Not a long, drawn out post, just a simple one. And here it is…


Heh never thought that growing up would seem so quick. So filled with boredom. So much experience gathered and shared. I don’t know how to go about writing this post, just that I somehow need to open a bit. Just a bit, not that much.

The preceeding years before this was so uneventful and boring that if I was to exponentially graph my boredom level, it can be said that I won’t be doing anything this year, and live like a mildew-infested bum off of my parents. Hell, last year I even made a prediction that I would die, and I’d be happy dying, seeing how my life is one boring mess and I won’t regret leaving this world; saying things akin to “I don’t wanna be bored when I reach [this certain age]. I’d be happy if my life was taken before I reach [this certain age]”. Somehow, I feel that I made a premature prediction, and I pray to God that that prediction was made in a time of dark circumstances, and the Almighty shall stricken that comment off of my “Stupid Comments to be Considered for Approval” list.

Even though I seem like someone that would not leave his teen years, being rather playful, crazy and stupid, I always considered myself to be one to be already mature in my thinking process. Some of my closest friends can attest to this, debates raging on even about the simplest of matters, and aspiring to be one of mature thought in my appearance and how I carry myself. It can be said that I didn’t like my teen life very much, which can be attributed to my boring life.

But now, there are so much laid out in front of me. Greener pastures can be seen just over the thorny vines that cover the pathway. I hope, nay, I shall strive to reach greener pastures in my own way, even through the said thorny vines, even through years of darkness, even through tragedy, I shall reach it. There is so much to lose. So much. Support me through this time, dear God, and I will do whatever I can to support others in my little circle of influence.

I know I belittle your support for me over the years, but I know I can change. I will change. For my future seed, I will change. I know that doing good deeds unto others, sidestepping the pathway to eternal damnation, and other little, miniscule things does not carry that much weight, but I hope that you shall see my good intention.

For Family. For Comrades. For Love. Help me through.

Oh my dear god… What have I done? Do I deserve this? I mean I know it’s been a long time in coming, but dude… I’m way in over my head… 😉

Damn… Don’t you just hate phones that could only have ten SMSes on them? Imagine a 2GB drive to, say a 20GB hard drive… You can’t live with that can ya? It’s like I have to delete messages for impending new messages. And how can I save good messages in that limited space? Fuck… Well it can be argued why the hell didn’t I check about the limited space when I bought it? Well, back then I had no life, well it’s not like I have a life now, but still, messaging is how I keep in contact. Now I’m at a cross roads. Spend my money on a brand new spanking phone like a 3300 or something much older, costing much less mind you, and with the possibility to trade in with my 3330. Well it’s not like I need to have picture taking capabilities on my phone or something. MMS hasn’t been implemented, so I don’t see the use of that. I only need it for basic phone uses. But I admit, the *FLASH* value of a new SE P800 or a 3650 cannot be denied. Sigh… Well my minds made up… Anyone willing to trade? Don’t worry, I’ll add in some hard cash if you don’t think this 3330 is good enough for your phone.