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OK… IT’s not funny anymore… Why is there a .mil entry in my Stats4All??? That ain’t funny man coz it says it’s from “MIlitary” of some sorts… I don’t think they really like my previous rant… And who are these people???































If you are one of these people, please do use the rant facility right below to tell me about yourselves… Then the world will be a happier place…

Wow… Such an overwhelming number of people frequenting this site… Most of them come from Google no less… And Second most is from Rachy‘s site… Thanks Rach…

As you may have noticed, Ash has taken over the duty of main Ranter on the site since my disappearance well over two weeks ago… Don’t worry. I’ll be back ranting in my former glory as soon as Raya is over and we start the long process of creating the video presentation.

In other news, I recently made aware of the plan to create something called the National Service in which requires youths aging from 18 on upwards to join the National Service. Great idea if only a couple of reasons that just might hold it back…

1. Preventing Youth’s Social Problems???? Come on! Can we honestly say that by forcing youths into these encampments can possibly make a youth a better person? I don’t want to put down the Army or anything, but does the Bruneian Army have a good reputation? I admit most if not all of these Army men are really good people, but you could always hear rumblings of indecent and immoral acts committed by these few Army men, or indeed Police men, and these few has given the Army or the Police Force a bad reputation. A recent incident happened in my village where an Army person allegedly raped an underaged female during a wedding festivity. Is that what we want our youths to do? Some are even knuckle dragging neanderthals, being really impolite and really inclined to cause public disturbances and are also inclined to fight.

Again I stress it’s these few individuals that are really bringing down the reputation of the Army. In actuality, I know lots of Army type people around my age (19), and all of them are really good friends.

2. If Youth’s Social Problems are the really major concern, there’s a very good reason for that. Religious education is treated as just a side “hobby” for children. I consider it a hobby for them because you can always see 16 or 17 year olds still stuck in Primary 3 or 4 of Ugama School. If these religious studies are taken seriously and these youth’s are encouraged to practice them, I’m sure there will be a drastic drop in these so called Social Problems. In light of this, some of the youths, not all but some, in my village has already started going to the mosque, joining the Youth Programs on offer there. It’s not just this mosque, I can say every other mosques have some type of similar program.

3. If military power is the main concern, I don’t think forcing people to join the National Service is a good idea. People would be really demoralized if they are forced to do something they might not want to do. And besides, our Army Force seems like they really have nothing to do, considering they are not in any war effort or peace keeping duties. Most of them just sit there, treating it like a 9 to 5 job, then go home. (That’s what I believe, not actually a fact I hope.) Such an easy job, and compared to the other government sectors, you get paid a lot! Why not train these people to increase our military readiness?

4. The people who conceived this idea, the higher ups in the echelon of political status, or something like that, only created this rule for a reason, that is to get on the tit of every youth in the country. And hey! They would not be included in this rule! Such luck! Let the government raise their children and they’re doing god knows what. Again, Social Problems in not a problem that must be shared with everyone, must not be the sole responsibility of the country, but it has to be a grass roots effort from the Parents of the Youths themselves.

5. Finally a Brudirect article found here said something about youths not helping others in times when a car broke down. If you’re such a good samaritan, Haji (I presume), then you help him yourself. There’s no use in pointing fingers and finding blame and nitpicking every little thing that “youths” are doing or not doing. And O don’t see Adults helping each other all the time. In fact just this morning I saw a concerned man who looked like he had been there for about an hour not knowing what was arong with his car. If Adults are such good samaritans, they would stop immediately when that car broke down. Some might argue that the car might have just broken down, well that could be said about youths not helping these troubled road side souls. They might just have then broken down!

All I can say is do not make rash decisions without thinking of the consequences of these actions. And do not make assumptions without knowing the smallest hint of fact. As for me I’d be pigging out so I wouldn’t be selected for the National Service. See you in 8 years and 250 pounds later.

Just for you! This lil rant is back. A fren of mine was too dumb to search the fucking archives.. sothis is for you my dumb witted friend. Havent had the mood to insult her lyrics yet. Maybe i’ll do that soon. So here We go.. again…

People close to me usually wonder what the fuck is my problem with Avril LaVagina.. i mean Avril Lavigne. Well, I have done some research on the little bitch and i’m going to try and summarise my contempt for the cunt. Before I start, this is for the Avril fans, while i am dissing your new found hero, take these comments to heart and cry at how stupid Avril really is. “How could he hate Avril?”, u may wonder. “I mean, her songs are so deep! Her clothes are so cute! She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her! She’s like, totally punk rawk!” Well, my little brainwashed ones, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree. SHE IS NOT PUNK AND SHE IS NOT ROCK!! “HOW CAN U SAY THAT CONARTIST?! SHE WRITES HER OWN SONGS AND PLAYS THE GUITAR” I piss on that. That cunt, Avril, is merely a record company’s bitch. Their whore. She is their slave in their endless pursuit of looking for ca$h. I shall now take a proper breakdown of my hatred for Avril’s music, image, fakeness, and hypocrisy.

The Music:


In J-14’s August issue, Avril explained her songwriting process. “Once I sit down with the guitar, I write about what I’m feeling that day.” However, in the July 1st edition of Time Magazine, Ms. Lavigne admitted, “I sit down with a guitar player usually.”

Ooopsss… silly Miss Twit made a boo boo… so umm.. how do u write songs, Ms LaVagina? A look at the songwriting credits on her album will reveal that EACH song was cowritten with a multitude of professional songwriters. Anyone can spit out a couple rhyming sentences, maybe even a melody here or there, when they’re being guided by experts. (Britney Spears did it- is it necessary for me to say much more?. *but it cant be. Avril hates Britney*) One can’t help but wonder just how much of those songs was written by Avril. Yet, in that same J-14 article, she claimed, “I wrote all those songs when I was sixteen.” The credits tell otherwise, and somehow I’m not buying the Avril-did-it-all version of the story. Dont get me wrong. There’s no big deal in getting a little help. But when she is being potrayed as some amazing songwriter with MASSIVE talent AND a “i- do- things my way” attitude, it gets pretty annoying.

-Guitar Playing

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The bitch learns a few chords and she’s a musician?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. BULLSHIT!!! Michelle Branch, now, she is a true musician. When Michelle plays live, she PLAYS the guitar. When she opened up for Hanson, all she had were her songs, her guitar and alot of guts. Avril on the other hand has some dick play her parts for her live. If any of you reading this rant has ever been in a band, you can tell that at most Avril’s songs have TWO guitars- a rhythm and a lead. So why does Avril “play”.

3 guitars?! Its not like they’re playing fucking Champange Supernova!! Any half-decent musician who constantly states that she plays guitar would prove herself. If someone like Britney Spears or Mandy Moore, who call themselves singers/entertainers and not musicians, played guitar for one song during a concert, I’d be impressed. Yet Avril constantly talks about how she plays guitar…why wouldn’t she play it live? There’s simply no excuse. And playing the few chords that she does know does not constitute a true musician.Furthermore, a look at the album credits show that Avril played guitar for only ONE song. Now that’s a real guitar player.


Dont get me started on her fucking lyrics!!

The Image: (this was taken directly from )

-Avril the Wannabe Punk Rocker

“When it is suggested that even then her tastes were kind of pop-oriented, her head snaps up as though she’s been slapped. ‘New country,’ she says, as though pop music is somehow less cool than new country. Then again, it seems any music is better than pop music in Lavigne’s eyes. Later, when it is mentioned that she seems poised for pop stardom, she is quick to correct. ‘No, no, no. Rock stardom,’ she says forcefully. ‘I don’t like using the term pop star because that’s not my personality. My personality is like a rock star. I’m hardcore.'” (Taken from

Rock star? Hardcore? Anything but pop? Keep dreaming, Avril. Take one listen to that CD- it’s pure pop with a tinge of rock here and there. A song doesn’t need slick Neptunes production for it to be radio-friendly pop song that appeals to bubblegum music lovers. And the upbeat track “Naked” is undeniably, well, poppy.

And don’t think I’m too evil. I can admit when a song of hers is good. In researching for this article, I downloaded them all. I think “Too Much To Ask” is a pretty good song and “Complicated” consistently gets stuck in my head. However, they’re being sung by someone who’s always claiming to be one thing, then singing music that’s all the opposite. And isn’t that what she vents about in “Complicated” anyway?

The next rants are from I got to tired…

-Avril the Hypocrite

“You’re trying to be cool/You look like a fool to me.”

The single making Avril famous, “Complicated,” is a song about someone who changes their looks and personality to impress other people. Yet, in the video, Avril and crew are trashing the mall and causing all kinds of problems. Avril the rebel even smashes her guitar at the end of the video. (What a shame, it was just like new, seeing as how she strums it maybe three times throughout the entire song.) She tries to come off as this too-cool-for-school bitch with an attitude while she whines about someone who’s doing the same thing to her. There’s a word for that. I believe it’s called hypocrisy.

She’s a constant contradiction. She skateboards in the video, poses for publicity shots with the board, tells YM magazine that she’s good at it…Yet, in an interview with MTV, she discussed how the director of the “Complicated” video wanted her to skate in it. Ms. Tony Hawk protested, “No, dude, I suck!” Make up your mind, Avril.

Moreover, she recently told Elle Girl, “Today, I rejected some gorgeous publicity shots because they just didn’t look like me. I won’t wear skanky clothes that show off my booty, my belly, or boobs. I have a great body. I could be Britney. I could be better than Britney.”

No one could be Britney. I’m not a huge fan of hers, but her popularity and success are mind-blowing. For Avril to arrogantly declare that she could do even better than one of the most successful teen pop artists ever is ludicrous (and a bit too cocky for my liking). And if she’s so against posing in slutty clothes, why didn’t she throw in some of that bitchy attitude she seems so proud of and refuse to wear the outfits to begin with? The story simply isn’t adding up.

-Avril the Packaged Product

Unless you’re living in Tanzania, you’ve probably noticed that punk music is edging back into the mainstream. The demand for Britney and NSYNC is down and this means less money for the music execs who buy their Porsches and mansions with money made from teen stars. Time for a new plan. It amazes me that so few people see through this. Avril is dressed in Dickies, ties, studded jewelery, Chuck Taylors- most of which isn’t usually worn by the pop fans. Furthermore, she’s being hyped up as the songwriter/guitarist that I attacked earlier. She calls herself a skater punk, categorizes her music as rock and punk, poses in pictures with a skateboard…yet her music is anything but what such fashion would suggest. Being punk does not come from wearing the right thing. However the image is helping her to sell more records because it’s what’s popular now. One look through any teen magazine will reveal models dressed in clothing just like hers.

And let’s not forget the fake tattoos she wears on her arms. Cause that’s like, ya know, sooo totally hardcore. Let me go draw a big skull and crossbones on my arm so that I can be punk too. Please.

Yet another thing adding to her image that sells so well- upon visit to her official website, “Sk8er Boi,” the only remotely faster rock song on the album, begins blaring. Obviously, they want the visitors to form an impression of Avril’s music based on that song, when in reality, the rest of the album simply doesn’t sound like that.

Avril Lavigne just seems fake, plain and simple. She tries to pull off this tormented, wounded puppy look in the “Complicated” video. She emphasizes her songwriting and guitar playing, yet had numerous songwriters work on her album, while the guitar is rarely strapped around her body when the music is live.

A member of an Anti-Avril community on Live Journal pointed out, “And if she takes all this time trying to label all of her music, she probably isn’t what she says she is, cause she has to prove everything through her clothes. Your personality should come from the music you create, and if you are that pathetic to keep on classifying it, might as well forget it.” Well done. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

And I end my rant on my hatred towards Avril with one line: You can’t truly be punk if you’re not a punk at heart. Same applies to other forms of music. Cheers.

hey y’all, we’re linkin park!!! we just dyed our hair a different colour, so ya think y’all can let us play some tunes wit da bomb kell? we might sound like corosion of conformity, who sounds like system of a down, who sounds like mighty few, who sounds like POD, who sounds like deftones… but damn we’re different. we’re alternative man!! we ain’t no sell-outs trying to cash in on the angst of impressionable, misguided teenagers with the same 4 or 5 chord riffs played in drop-D, and the same brilliant lyrics that if analyzed, end up being totally nonsensical, meaningless and obviously formulated to hit a destructive nerve with the ignorant, misguided youths of generation-dumbass. I’ll drop the facade – music has turned to crap. Pop used to have brilliant artists such as Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon (i’m leaving out a few dozen here) to add to its credit, but now all it represents is the corporate world trying to integrate itself into music. it has succeeded. we can thank huge music labels for producing great ‘artists’ such as N’suck, backdoor boys(no, i’m not a bigot), and britney ‘I swear to god they’re real’ spears. the list is countless, i’ve just named a few prominent examples. generation X’rs are no longer stand-outs but apart of the same flock of ignorant, gullable sheep, listing limp dickzkit, korny, POD (stands for ‘pretty ordinary drudge), slip knot-good-stuff, Our Ladies Penises and emineminemineminem (gets repetitive, doesn’t it?) among their favourite ‘alternative’ artists. they don’t seem to realise that buying music from these money-grubbing jokes is the same as making a $30 donation to your local Mcdonald’s. Wake up you fools – these people you call musicians are nothing more than viruses created for mass-consumption. They aren’t talented, nor really musicians, just shallow tryhards cashing in on what has become an easily accessible market. Well, i’ve vented for now. i’d say ‘keep ragin’ against the machine’, but you’ll probably just keep teeny-bopping along ’till your ears bleed, no matter what evidence comes along suggesting your individuality has been assimilated into non-existance by capitalistic gremlins. (Note: The term Alternative use to mean an alternative to mainstream rock but now alternative is mainstream umm whatever) End transmission.

Ever wondered why there is no Grammy for punk rock?? I read this rant on a website and it made me think. There’s a Grammy for Heavy Metal, Alternative and Hip Hop (or to the oh so enlightened Grammy people it is known as Rap). Is punk dead? or is it dying?

A friend of mine showed me a teeny magazine and it was trying to show people how to dess punk!! What the hell!? Why are stupid teeny jackass “i am so cool and hip and trendy” magazines and media trying to commercialize punk?? Now, stupid posers, cute little girls try and dress “punk” by wearing “punk” outfits and gear. I thought punk was freedom. Being who you really are. To be against society’s conformity. The reason for the leather jackets were that they would last long. Therefore against commercialisation.

The current crop of mainstream “Punk” is well pathetic. Today’s, “punks” whine and whine about breaking up with their girls, never getting the girls, never growing up.. bla bla. Sure, its OK to sing about love but dedicate a WHOLE album to it?? Punk used to have some sort of cool political message. Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys had something political to say. Avril seems more interested to be called a “rock star or skater punk” than she is in her music. If she’s punk why does she care about her image? The fool.

Consider these statements by some bitch on

LaVagNe_ PuNkEr_RaWkS:

dONt gEt sO HeAtEd DuDe. I LiStEn tO rEaL PuNk rAwK… AL, Blink, NFG, Kelli (Kelly Osbourne – ConArt), Good Charlotte. AnD iF U KnEw aNyThInG bOuT It, U KnOW tHey AiN’t NoThInG LiKe BrItTnEy SpeArZ, ThEy rIgHt DeY OWn sTuFf AnD DrEzZ Dey oWn wAy. aND i AnIt TaLiNG bOut BsB oR N’SyNc aND oTheR pOp cUz ThEy SuCk Azz.

LaVagNe_ PuNkEr_RaWkS:

ByZtCh aZz HoEz Z yO MaMaz. YeZ AvRiL, GoOd ChArlOtE N bLinK R PuNkZ. Yo JuS JEaOloUs CuZ dEy mAKiNg lOaDz OF MoNeY aNd U r wOrKiNG At Mc DoNoDlZ aNd HaVe fAt wIVeZ AnD bOYfRiEndZ. WhY DoNt u pIcKuP An tYaTh, dAt aLbUm Is mOre PuNk ThEn AnY BlAcK fLaG aNd SeX pIzTolz. All DeM baNDz dId WaS dRUgZ. NoWaDAYz tRu pUnK BaNdZ dOnT NeEd dRuGz, n dEy MuSiK bE bEtEr cUz Of It. DeY aLl BoUt kEpInG It rEaL.

well, Ms LaVagNe_ PuNkEr_RaWkS, apart from pissing most of readers off by WrItiNG LiKe ThaT WhIcH iS SoOoO CoOoL, your views of what punk truly is even more annoying.

Now, I take a deep breath and…. RANT AWAY!

if the extent of your support of “punk” music comes from EMpTyV, Avril, and Blink182, I’m sure they don’t need your vote, thanks. Punks want people who listen to TRUE Punk like Sex Pistols, Black Flag and The Exploited *for starters*. Your definition of punk is the corporatized, let’s-sell-a-watered-down-version- of-pseudo-punk-rock-to- dumb-a$$es-who-will-just- blindly-follow-it-because- it-LOOKS-like-it-is-rebellious- music, kind of music, and I use the term *music* loosely. Show me a punk band where the music is REALLY LOUD and REALLY FAST and where the lyrics are written from a POLITICAL viewpoint and there, and ONLY there, will you find punk rock. Whining about yourself, your life, mommy and daddy not letting you have your way all the time, and arsehole boyfriends/girlfriends, and the pop scene is NOT punk, it’s poser bait for people who are afraid to speak out against State sponsored oppression. “Don’t get so heated dude.” Yeah that’s right, don’t be passionate about anything , Mr. Huh, don’t be creative. Let someone else do your thinking for you, like LPR apparently does. To be fair, I went to a site that had the lyrics from all of B182’s CDs and read them…oh gee what a surprise, from Flyswatter in 92 to Enema of the State in 99 to Take off your Pants and Jacket in ’01, the lyrics are repleat with whiny references to how unfair their personal lives are(awww poor babies), and college life scenarios, with just a touch of whining about society in general in an attempt to maintain their “punk” vibe…yeah that’s really punk..NOT. To be even more fair, I liked the Enema album but i thought the Take Off album sucked. WHINING is not the foundation of punk music. SCREAMING in defiance of an oppressive political system, and screaming for it’s upheaval, sometimes violently, is the cornerstone of true punk.