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I need my b0g. It’s like it just vanished from the face of the earth… Creepy… Ooh found a website. It’s from a French d00d but he calls it Tidak Ada. Hmmm maybe a Malaysian friend gave him that name. If he had had a Bruneian friend, he’d prolly name it Biji Palir. That’s testicles to you and me.

Many fans are disappointed in the new Nirvana song, saying it is unfinished, a rough demo, etc. It’s not as catchy as “Lithium” and it probably won’t have such a cool video as “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” From a simple point of view of whether or not the song will be a #1 hit, it is unlikely (but possible). Ten years ago nobody thought Nirvana would have a hit either.

To a casual alternative rock fan or casual Nirvana fan, the song is pretty good, it’s got a cool bass line, its kinda catchy. The song is pretty much that until you remember one fact…

This song was recorded by a man only a couple of months before he shot himself in the head.

Kurt Cobain was always the angst-ridden “leader of a generation.” A lot of Nirvana’s music is about depressing subjects and things, usually in general terms. This song, however, couldn’t be any more specific to Kurt’s life. I’ll show you the lyrics of the song according to my interpretation (these are generally correct, fans can argue over the little details) in a second. As you read them, keep in mind these are from not only someone who would attempt to kill himself 2 weeks later (before finally getting the job done 2 months later), but a troubled man who was fighting heroine addiction for years, depression for all his life and was married to Courtney Love of all people (but he loved her and I guess that’s more important… For him that is and I symphatise for him even more.. I can relate to this), who at the time was rumored to have been cheating on him. The lyrics are as follows:

I would never bother you

I would never promise to

I will never follow you

I will never bother you

Never say a word again

I would crawl away for good

I would move away from here

You won’t be afraid of fear

No thought was put into this and

Always knew it would come to this

Things have never been so swell

And I have never failed to fail

Pain (x 3)

You know you’re right (x3)

I’m so warm and calm inside

I no longer have to hide

There’s talk about someone else

Stinging soup begins to melt

Nothing really bothers her

She just wants to love herself

I would move away from here

You won’t be afraid of fear

No thought was put into this

Always knew it would come like this

Things have never been so swell

I have never failed to fail

Pain (x5)

You know you’re right (x 17)

Lyrically, it is almost a suicide note put into a song. Kurt promises he will never follow us or bother us or say a word again and then crawl away for good. He’ll move away forever. He always knew it would come to this. Then in typical Cobain sarcasm he says that things have never been so swell. The most chilling line foreshadowing things to come might be “I have never failed to fail.”

Some have argued that it is not “failed to fail,” but “failed to feel” which then connects into the end of the chorus which is literally Kurt screaming “pain.” The third verse seems to deal with his heroine addiction and then talks on somebody we could assume is Courtney Love. The stinging soup line could refer to cooking up heroin, so is the warm and calm inside. “There’s talk about someone else” is pretty self-explanatory as are the other lines about the woman.

The chorus then repeats with the same promises to leave and such from the start. The line of “no thought was put into this” can be debated, but to me personally it comes off as sounding that whatever Kurt is doing, he is not using any logical thought at all – only pure emotion. The song ends with screams of “pain” and a noisy jam with Kurt repeating, “you know you’re right” until the song ends.

It is highly likely that I am simply reading too much into these lyrics. Without knowing that the author was about to kill himself, the song has a smaller impact, but you still have to wonder why nobody around Kurt did anything to help him after hearing this. Cobain was notorious for writing songs from the perspective of other people beside himself, often confusing critics and fans alike. He was also known for just writing random lyrics down and then laughing later on when people analyzed them and made up some overall meaning to the song. Even if this interpretation of “You Know You’re Right” is correct, its entirely possible the song is from the perspective of another suicidal heroine addict with a cheating woman. I’m sure Kurt knew several people like that.

The downside of the song is that it leaves a feeling of emptiness. It’s like the song is incomplete… only a demo. Plus, it’s a reminder of how music sucks now. If Nirvana came up with a song like that in 1994, why are bands still sounding the same in 2002? Damn, imitators. Especially that bloody Puddle Of Mudd… sure Nirvana are and always will be the patron saints of Alternative Rock and “Teen Spirit” is STILL the flagship of Alternative Rock AND “NeverMind” is a reference point for othe angst riddled bands.. BUT COME ON!!!

“You Know You’re Right” is not another Teen Spirit and I doubt we will see it on eMpTyV much. To Nirvana fans and fans of Kurt Cobain the person, it could be a deep insight in the thoughts of a man who no longer wanted to make music or be alive. It might just be the saddest song ever written or it could be a bunch of bullshit Kurt wrote and he is laughing at us over it right this second.

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A Man Was Found Guilty of Having a Sexual Intercourse with a Street Pole

A resident of Edinburgh was found guilty of disturbing the public order, when he was having a sexual intercourse with a street pole. A Scottish man tried to justify his own action. He claimed that he did not have his usual sexual partner – a pair of running shoes.

The incident with 33-year-old man named Ross Watt took place on September 3 in one of busy areas of Edinburgh. A lot of people saw Watt grabbing a small street pole, falling down on the ground and rolling over it, passionately pressing it to his genitals. A certain part of the viewers was delighted about that show. Some men were calling upon Ross Watt to bang the pole like a real man. The banging process was going on for some 20 minutes. When police officers arrived, they only saw Watt putting the pole to its place near a building.

As Mr. Watt said, he grabbed the pole, because he could not find his favorite sexual object – a pair of running shoes. Witnesses proved that. They said that before banging the pole, Watt was trying to make some drivers sell him a pair of running shoes.

Ross Watt’s lawyer stated at first that his client arranged that street show within the framework of the Edinburgh extreme festival. The lawyer refused from such a formulation a bit later, though. As a result, the court found Ross Watt guilty of obscene behavior and of disturbing the public order.

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US retailers ban explicit computer game

By Nick Farrell [16-10-2002]

Pimps, prostitutes and frisky poodles cause offence

US retailers are shunning a new computer game which they believe is too filthy to sell.

BMX XXX, released by Acclaim Entertainment with the tagline ‘Keep it Dirty’, is the first mainstream release to feature prostitutes and pimps as major characters.

The game mixes racing bike stunts with, among other things, images of copulating pink poodles, and has been rejected by Wal-Mart, ToysRUs and KB Toys.

A Wal-Mart spokesman told Reuters that the company does not sell any software that includes vulgarity or nudity.

But an Acclaim spokesman suggested that the critics are missing the point of the game, which he said is intended as a spoof along the lines of movie comedies such as Austin Powers and Airplane.

This kind of controversy has proved an excellent way of selling games in the past. Take-Two’s Grand Theft Auto 3, which featured controversial scenes of violence, went on to become the top-selling computer game of 2001.


Other resources:;=7;=bmx+game

In other gaming news; South Korean dies in marathon game session. Remember kids, 5 minutes of break for every hour of gaming. It’s healthy for you.

Comments : It’s about friggin’ time we get nude charachters in our video games!!! Everyone knows its gonna happen! Its not gonna cause harm, kids will see breastesses eventually in their lives. DO NOT deny them of seeing breastesses. OK that doesn’t make much sense. But if you want to censor the stuff that get to your kids, then its the parents’ problems, not society’s problems! Get your fucking collective head out of your collective asses and get your act together parents! DO NOT DENY THE BREASTESSES FROM BEING FLAUNTED!

[[[Still waiting for a full fledged porn game on the PS2 or the XBox… mmmmmmm…. pixel boobs…. mmmmmmm…. mammary-jigglature-animation….. mmmmmmmm….. anti aliased nipples…. mmmmmmmmm….. jizz particle effects…. mmm… no…. but….. mmmmmmm…… liquid animation….. mmmmmmmm….]]] kthnxbi

I had the strangest dream ever yesterday. Usually I’d forget what it was the very next day, but this one… I made the effort of not forgetting.

There I was in a cybercafe, with my buds sitting next to me. I wasn’t sure who, but I knew they were my buds. So as the dream goes, they all started up CS, and they got into the server before I did. But somehow, I found out that I wasn’t playing CS, but actually starting up Quake! The ORIGINAL QUAKE!

Somehow I was actually IN the Quake engine. I mean literally! My buds actually got into the Quake server and we had a blast-a-thon, killing cyberdemons with double barrel shotguns and those cyber-spider-demons with rocket launchers. Everywhere we look at, we see pixelated terrain, pixelated staircases, pixelated explosions, pixelated everything! Total carnage it was…

But oddly, we ran out of ammo… Something that would never happen in a Quake game… As I fired my last Rocket, I heard the dreadful “Click, Click.” So what would you do?


We climb three flights of ladders, and we got onto this beam (weird huh?) With fear of splattering onto the pixelated road beneath us (think of CS_Assault, only more pixelated) we reached to the end of the beam, reached up and tried to open the latch, but it didn’t open! We panicked!

But then we looked down, and saw the big door opening at the side of the warehouse. Weird eh? This is where I woke up…

There is strife… There’s love… There’s pity… There’s confusion… And they all are converging onto me…

Hmm… An odd assortment of people has been here… How did they find this site? Should I put a shout box??? Let’s just see lah ah?

As you can see, all my posts are in the mornings, coz I don’t have a PC at home. I’d get one, but I’ll just wait for next year… Other than can’t surf, can’t do any work on Fandi’s site… Which is already due for an upgrade in the looks department…

Oh yeah… Stats… It’s coming up… Around 30 more minutes? Oh god, I am incoherent…

Ladies & Gents, the greatest rock n roll event of the year is among us. What is it? It couldnt be Avril. *snicker* But seriously, it beats Oasis’s Heathen Chemistry or Coldplay’s “Rush of blood…”. It even surpasses the new “garage rock” of the Strokes, the Vines, the Hives or White Stripes.


The last ever Nirvana song has been found!!! It’s call ” You Know You’re Right”. The Holy Grail of Grunge has been located. Its comparable to a lost Beatles or Led Zep or even an Elvis track being found. And i’m not being biased becoz of my love of Nirvana. However, i’ve heard it and it fucking ROCKS. Although it was recored in 1994, it fits well in 2002. Proving that Nirvana’s music is truly timeless. The World needs a band like Nirvana to kick rock n roll’s lazy whining butt.Cant wait for the Greatest Hits album out this year and then the rarities album!! Truly a rock n roll orgasm.


Nirvana fans claim the hugely anticipated ‘new’ song ‘YOU KNOW YOU’RE RIGHT’ has surfaced on the Internet.

The song, which was recorded post-‘In Utero’ in January 1994 at Bob Lang’s Studio in Seattle, has been at the centre of a legal wrangle between Courtney Love and surviving band members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl.

Earlier this year, fans claimed to have found four short clips of the track, which is set to feature on a future Nirvana compilation album. Now, fans claim to have found the entire track. According to the unofficial Nirvana website,, ‘You Know You’re Right’ appeared online on the evening of September 21. The track is said to be a “complete high quality recording”.

However, Courtney Love said that an official Nirvana release, which could feature the track, will come out before the end of the year.

Speaking on the ‘The Howard Stern Show’ in the US, she said: “You’ll get the new Nirvana record at Christmas. We love each other. We’re getting along. We worked it all out.” It is currently unclear what the new Nirvana release will be. There is talk of a single compilation album containing the band’s biggest hits and ‘You Know You’re Right’, but the original plan was to release a box set of rare and unreleased material.

Good Bands That Should Quit Before They Kill Their Legacy:

1) Aerosmith

I dunno,man. They just suck now. Sharing a stage with N Sync during the Super Bowl. Overly sappy ballads that sound the same. What happened to the more rocking songs???

2) Rolling Stones

Fucking Old Twats should have packed it in years ago. No good album since 1994. They’re a walking nostalgia machine with those tours of theirs.