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Have you ever wondered why A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, are the letters used to define bra sizes?

If you have wondered why, but couldn’t figure out what the letters stood for……

It is about time you became informed!

{A} – Almost Boobs

{B} – Barely there

{C} – Can Do

{D} – Damn good

{DD} – Doubly damn good

{E} – Enormous

{F} – Fake

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I used to think that Privacy Advocates are the new breed of cigga-weed-chain-smoking-tree-huggers. Fighting for a cause that no one sane seem to care about. There may have been some who did care, such as paranoid brain jacked geeks and those a few levels short of a mission pack. It was totally assuring that towns can go about their daily business without the occasional neighbours passing by each other, sharing a glaring stare, obviously finding out the proverbial closet-full-o-skeletons that the other has been hiding.

But the advent of the Internet, the global mine of information that anyone with any connection can log in and find anything about anyone, anywhere in the world. It was scary to see some hacker-type d00d blurting out information about a guy that apparently lives in his mum’s basement.

I always think that people who want privacy, and not wanting others to know what they have been doing with their past lives, what they are doing now, how much they make etc. are the types of people who have the aforementioned skeletons in their closet, having secrets they don’t want to be known. I might agree with what they might be saying, but we have all sold our sold to Big Brother since we moved out [(hmmm maybe this only applies to Americans)] from the country and into the concrete jungles of New York, Chicago or LA.

We post our lives everyday on seemingly harmless bl0gs. It seems that strangers with stalking and voyeur habits (all blog enthusiasts are… DO NOT DENY IT) seem to know more about your life than your mum does. You throw privacy out the window, but you cry foul when someone takes over your identity? Isn’t there supposed to be a psychological condition for that?

Your life is more interesting. That’s why they want it. They’d do anything to be you. And with the net, they could find anything. And I mean anything.

We have sold our lives to the Internet. The only way to buy it back is to go live in a hut somewhere in the jungles of Tutong.

Eh have you guys seen Channel [V]’s latest shows? Countdown in particular… I may be wrong, but I thought I saw Paula Malai Ali last night… Man, whoever she was, she’s still hot… Well ok, just mildly warm…

Oh yeah… Got to surfing some links…. Found out that I actually started off quite a few things… I’ll just billow my virtual nose for a few minutes.. *hmph* *hmph* kambang eh… But nevermind… I plagiarized those ideas from others anyway… But still “hmph” “hmph”…

cigsOk this might infuriate people but hell I don’t care. I wanna talk about CIGARETTES, and why I love them. It alleviates stress, it makes one forget the shittiness of one’s own life, and for one brief moment (more like a minute) you feel not unhappy, not sad, not like shit.

I think I started smoking from watching my friends at the back of the canteen. They didn’t pressure me, they didn’t teach me. I just took one myself, and I’m hooked.

Nowadays I sometimes hear me mum and me dad complaining about kids smoking. They think it’s like some disgusting stuff, which I can’t rebutt to. They don’t smoke, so they won’t know. But my granmum and grandad smoked on me mums side. Most of the time I can sense that society thinks that smoking is really disgusting, which I don’t blame them. Even the government is getting in on this, allegedly hiking the prices of import fags to curb the worlds leading killer, but they haven’t got the cajones to enforce it. And besides we can get our supply from Limbang.

And if you wanna talk about disgusting stuff, what about all the rape cases that are covered up, by the family in some cases. And some of these involves minors. DISGUSTING RAPIST PIGS! BURN IN FUCKING HELL WHY DON’T YA!

Getting back to the issue at hand here, I wanna get things straight. If anyone tells me not to smoke in front of their face, I won’t. If anyone tells me not to smoke in front of their baby, I won’t. If anyone tells me not to smoke in front of their kids, I won’t. In fact come up to me and say what’s on your mind. Don’t stare at me and judge me there and then. How would you feel if I stared at your face for an hour?

Why am I ranting about this? Why am I being so self centered? Why am I not caring what would happen to my family if I do die? Where am I going with this? I truly honestly can’t say. I guess if everyone just gets their way, why shouldn’t I? It is our right to do whatever we want with our lives. I don’t think anyone, I mean anyone, even my parents, even some Joe of the street, even some bitch ass politicians that don’t know how to run this country, you are not the fucking boss of me.

And pointing fingers will never solve the corruption of society.

Thank you,



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Now here’s another one of the newer one’s. First of, it looks sweet. Nice layout. But it must be noted, it has not yet completed it’s preliminary stages and only has begun posting. But non the less, this is a site to visit, even just to look at it’s layout. I sense great potential in this site. (hey. look at it this way. Even in it’s early stages, it’s already better than

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Awww so sweet….. Thanks…

We will strive to bring you the highest quality posts that is much different than the rest… That I assure you… Whoppah! All we need now is more mental people to post here…

moooooooooooooo!Yeah about time dude… Too much stuff to worry about… Qualifyings and the the A’s and then we have to finish that Video Presentation again… Too much shits…

Shithole! its about time this fucking thing got back up. cant give a crap about what to rant about though. A level qualifying comin soon. a shitload to worry about…

And here it is, the whole thing is finished… well except for the 411 but that’ll be uploaded later… Ummm… yeah… I’m done…